Snorting Keif?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by stenkonia, Apr 14, 2008.


    IceCreamMan Active Member

    Had a buddie I know did it a few times got high. But yes since your lung breaths in fresh air to go into you blood stream anything thats in you blood cant get you high, coke, raw, special k ect. Since the crystals that come off pot (keef) are 100%THC, you get fucked up. I still perfer to get a grape blunt with some quality dope and pour a long line of keef in the blunt. You get blitzed out

    cream8 Well-Known Member

    well i know it doesnt get you high. in fact i watched a friend snort a fatty line all that happend was burning caughing and a headache that lasted 24hrs. and he did not get "high"

    respect the plant. it will respect you back

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    Respect is killing it and burning it?

    If that happened to me I would call that disrespect.

    sb101 Well-Known Member

    why why why?!
    Mr. Skunk

    Mr. Skunk Well-Known Member

    It works but I wouldn't recommend it, you would be much better off smoking or cooking it

    JohnnyBlazex457 Active Member

    I've done it before it dosent work only reason i was high was because i smoked before it. I've also done it with out smoking and its no good did not feel a thing.

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    i don't see why it would work THC is NOT that water soluble unlike heroin and cocaine, those have a salt base to them so they dissolve, trychomes will just stick in ur nose, make u sneeze, and give u a headache, it may get u high with the very little that actually get to ur blood stream but it wont be enjoyable cuz u will be coughing and sneezing the whole time

    just my 0.02c

    chuckbane New Member

    it doesnt work.. boo to this thread and anyone claiming this shit is good


    chronicdice88 Well-Known Member

    ive snorted about .6 of some bomb ass keif one time just for the fuck of it. my entire right side of my face got really tignly and then i was pretty high for a good hour or so before i smoked again.. but id say YES it does get you high.. your jus better of smokin it!

    eatAstar Well-Known Member

    haha oh, god.

    and yes, you can get high from just eating weed. one time a friend and i got the idea to put weed in an oreo and eat it. needless to say, about half a box and half an hour later, we started feeling real nice.

    sabvtgrower Active Member

    haha me and my friends were just wondering the same thing. i dont think it will work. it would probably be just as wastfull as eating a gram of some headies. better off smoking that shit!

    707DankSmoker Well-Known Member

    it hurts way too bad

    chronicdice88 Well-Known Member

    amen brotha

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    You and your science are both full of shit. You have no clue.

    bradlyallen2 Well-Known Member

    So the reason for snorting something is to get the molecules to cross over the highly vascular membranes in your nasopharynx into your blood, for this to work the substance must be lipid soluble and the molecule must be small enough to cross. I don't know what keif is but it sounds like a bad idea. I also recall reading that marijuana will not get you high unless it has been heated to a sufficient temperature first thus the rationale for cooking dope before you eat it. But it's your weed so you can stick it up your butt for all I care if that's enjoyable for you.
    Mr. Skunk

    Mr. Skunk Well-Known Member

    Haha I don't think this topic will be resolved, lets move on and stick with smoking and cooking. Snorting is for junkies and immature children.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    I'd say it's pretty well resolved. Anyone snorting keef should stop being stupid and just put some toothpaste on their cigarette.

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    If putting toothpaste on a cigarette gets you high then people will do it.

    By the way it does.

    Gamberro Well-Known Member

    Maybe theoretically, but not in practice. Please, I was young and impressionable once. I both snorted keef and smoked many toothpaste-laden cigs. Although I didn't have the nasal problems, probably because of doing coke a lot when I was younger, the toothpaste cigarette did taste nice, but nothing besides.

    A lot of people on this thread are as full of shit as the older-aged jokes who had me snorting keef and smoking toothpaste cigarettes in the first place, so I'm not going to bother being nice and objective about it.

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    lol i lightly coated my blunt with toothpaste once then let it dry, all i can say is MINTY:mrgreen::eyesmoke:

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