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    clouds Well-Known Member

    i harvested my big head trippy gorilla 6 days ago thinking she needs one more day but thats not the problem,
    i dont think i will be able to smoke her its my first time growing this strain or running into thing problem with cannabis.
    i have a love hate with this strain the main one i started inside and took a clone from her for outside but it started flowering and had to reveg but she smelled like fruit loops with some hints of orange and gas i love her smell and shes doing wonderful outside and has wonderful smells
    i flowerered the main plant inside but from when she started putting off her smell she was way more just gas diesel with a lil lemon smell and in her last week of flowering she went even more deep with the gas and diesel smell, so today i went to see if she was done drying took a nice close smell of her and shes so pungent of gas it makes me gag and feel like i was working around lots of gas i dont think i can smoke it its nothing wrong with the bud but the terpene profile and i dont mix is there anything i can do to make use of this bud i know i wont be able to make normal butter or coconut oil as if it tastes like it smells i cant take it but i dont want to waste a perfectly fine plant over i dont like the smell
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    Tim1987 Well-Known Member

    I would smoke the absolute shit out of it! Lol.

    Sounds too damn good to do anything else with...

    I suppose you could always hash it?

    Im sure edibles would be a total waste.

    Id smoke that shit mate. Its just your brain telling you how phucking good it is. :weed:

    Rbwnz Member

    Make some oil with isopropyl alcohol or butane ( iso tastes heaps nicer)
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    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    You gotta at-least try. What if it smells like gas because it is gas?
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    Rbwnz Member

    That was my thought to oil has a slight chemical taste anyway thought might hide or mask the diesel taste
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    Xs121 Well-Known Member

    Back in the days where we bury our buds, it would come out smelling like you're literally smelling a human shit, absolutely disgusting. In hindsight, if a blind survey was done :mrgreen: you wont be able to tell the difference. That is how bad it is. But...a skinny joint of it can blaze 3 people...we call it the horse kick.

    Rbwnz Member

    Dam I wouldn't be smoking anything smelt like that lmao i have heard of that way being done to make oil n hash
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    clouds Well-Known Member

    well everything goes in to jars tonight or tomorrow will give smoking it a try when shes done curing but i dont think im going to enjoy it.
    thanks for the replies will give a few a try
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    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    If it taste bad atleast you got some sought of a high to fall back on

    clouds Well-Known Member

    my buddy says he loves the smell and taste from a piece i gave him, i tried some its not my fav strain so im just going to trade most of it with him. but im worried now about her clone outside if it changes from what it is now im fucked for a whole plant outdoor plant this time, hoping it stays fruity pebbles froot loops smelling.
    it gets you super high just not a fan of the taste its like a shot of gas with some vodka followed by hints of cilantro,citrus and something i cant identify. sounds wonderful to other people but has 4 things i cant stand that it happens to smell and taste like

    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Bax ?
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    clouds Well-Known Member

    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Clone should smell the same..sounds wonderful BTW
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    LinguaPeel Well-Known Member

    Take up a different hobby if you dont like weed.
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    clouds Well-Known Member

    i love weed just ran in to a strain i did not like it was good bud just did not like the gas smell of it never encountered a strain that smelled like that before

    clouds Well-Known Member

    the indoor mother was full on gas smell with a undertone of fruit the clone that is outside is more like fruit loops with a hint of diesel. its odd but the fruit smell is why i like the clone

    i think its because of the full nature sun and living soil and compost vs hps and organic soil

    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    That's the dank i love, I prefer pungent gasey strains over fruity taste
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    SPLFreak808 Well-Known Member

    Pretty normal ime, going from indoor to outdoor can slightly change how a phenotype reacts because of the environment.

    Color,taste,smell & potency can slightly change.

    OPfarmer Well-Known Member

    While I love the smell of real diesel and the taste of "gassy" weed....

    I can relate though,,, and personally can't stand anything with gorilla glue in it's breeding. Yuck hate that taste, taste like the darn glue smells!!

    My Bubblelicious is tasting mighty fine though..

    clouds Well-Known Member

    lol i love that strain lol im revegging one now to make a mother but i know how you feel when you run in to that one strain

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