Smell getting weaker with cure

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    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    So I'm curing about 2 Oz in a big glass sweets jar with a plastic screw on lid and a 62 boveda in there. I'm at about 3 weeks cure and the first few weeks I was quite happy with the smell however the last few days it's like the smell is disappearing, even the ground buds don't smell as much..any ideas?

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Whats your drying/curing environment like?

    Optimal Drying Environment:
    Room Temperature - Around 70°F (21°C)
    50% Humidity

    Optimal Environment in Jars (Curing):
    Room Temperature - Around 70°F (21°C)
    58-65% Humidity

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    happens often when wet buds are in sealed jars.
    try skipping the jars and drying in a controlled space for a better bud

    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    I don't really know my percentages other than I jarred them with a 62 boveda but I think I jarred them to early.

    Can the smell be brought back?

    CptBluemax Active Member

    Totally poopered my restarting again first grow dry and cure.

    Make sure they are damn dry before they go in the jars it is so deceiving , they might feel crispy (a bit) on the outside and stems snap then break (not entirely but there needs to be 'snap') , theyll be bloody soft and squidy again within 24 hours in the jar . been burping my for an a hour daily for week and a half and about to leave them closed for 3 days , they were unwaxed brown bag dried for 15 days.

    The smell went all funky on the last one , and it was the natural ammonia I was smelling , it was too wet to go in the jars......still 6 months of awesome smoke but couldve been million times better.

    The smell is getting better and better especialy on one of the phenos its an indescribable fruit smell , about to jar some lemon gold drops after 15 days bag dry and still got a damn 15 weeker 707 headband to cut.

    They got to be dry before they go in the jars its problematic as well you get used to the smell , if I take my jars outside the house and open them they REEK , my mate last time even said it was stinking but I really couldnt smell it much.
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    innerG Well-Known Member

    It's a fine line - don't want them too dry or too wet

    I like them almost crunchy outside but kind of pliable still. Then I jar them for a while and leave them open for a few hours the first couple of days, then less and less as time goes with the cure

    smokeybeard Well-Known Member

    You doing a journal on the 707 headband? Was thinking about doing it next. Sorry to thread jack.

    CptBluemax Active Member

    I was going to do it on all of em ffs but im literally about to cut the 707 now 15 weeks after 12/12 , only JUST starting to see some amber trichs.

    Will take some pics and get them up , its amazing tbh , look , smell everything.
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    smokeybeard Well-Known Member

    For sure. Would love to see some pictures of them even finished. 15 weeks is a hot minute ha ha.

    CptBluemax Active Member

    I realise now it did really need defoliating and LSTing to get the most of it , make sure you do smokey dude at least open LST its got so many fucking leaves its unreal

    And look how small this thing is...........only just started to see amber trichs at 14 weeks and 5 days , couldnt even find one before that.

    Look how small it is mate lol , really you do NEED to defoliate a bit and LST her to get all the light to the middle branches , I just let her do her thing this time to see as they were all free seeds and I do love to see them in their natural shape at least once.

    Smell is unreal fuel/OG/lemony.

    Just started 11 Dutch Passion Strawberry Cough , got 11 in the 10 pack giggity

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    CptBluemax Active Member

    Have you tried going outside in the fresh air with some of it / bit of ground.....I can barely smell mine dude but when I go outside it fucking stinks , my friends say it reeks to high heaven and im just like.....meh.

    smokeybeard Well-Known Member

    Yeah I would probably do a sccrog with one. She looks great though. Congrats.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    The flavour gets stronger again over time and then weaker.

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    PURPLEB3RRYKUSH Well-Known Member

    that signs gold
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