Simple hash pass. Make quality Water hash, free.


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This might be helpful to some as it's my basic method to make hash from trim on a budget. It was origionally a reply to a post on using plant matter but it was so long I thought it may be of use.
It can be done anywhere and most people have the suitable equipment in their kitchen. It's been done in a similar way with as little as 7 grams+ of dry buds- but we were dying for some hash, I would obv reccomend more!

Here is the Hash pass that i use for my trim... or most of it :wink:- Please note I am writing how I make hash from trim, it might need a little adjustment for leaf material and the yeilds will not be as big or potent. You may also need to adjust screen size accordingly. The basics, however, are exactly the same.

What you need: Plenty of chilled, Icy water + ice cubes if poss, A blender or blitzer, some large, wide jugs and a funnel (not bottles- unless u cut off the tops- so you can siphon off water and get to the hash) and lastly and most importantly- A screen.
Now alot of people use expensive silk screens or bubble-bags but on a budget you can use a thin, fine nylon screen- just dont expect it to last. Now I get mine from the bottom of a collapsable laundry bin I can buy cheap (£2)- It works great. An artists silk screen from an art-shop is ideal and more reusable. I find I can manipulate the size of Nylon screens myself though; a blessing if too thin, a curse if too coarse!
The important thing is that the gauze of the screen should be sufficiently fine to trap bits of leaf and plant but just big enough to allow trichomes through. After a while you will have an eye for things with the right size gauze... i have even used a stiff dishcloth in the past with decent results.

Firstly make sure the mix is DRY as bone-super dry. This will enable you to really powder the mix which will separate all it's contents. Really make sure it's ground to a decent powder, then put it in the freezer for at least an hour or two. While you're doing this get some water really chilled in the freezer or fridge and sort out some ice-cubes.

Next take the chilly mix and put into your jug, you want at least 2/3 of the jug for water so make sure it is big enough. The freezing will have stiffened any trichomes in the material and help them break away from the leaf matter. Grind it about in the bottom of the jug some more now it is icy cold. Really give it a good grind- it should have a powdery feel.

Now go grab your icy water and fill the jug. Fill it about 3 or 4 times more volume than the mix in the jug for now. Add a few ice cubes, then blitz. You want to give it a decent blitzing then fridge the mixture for 30 mins or so. Take out and blitz again, adding a few Ice cubes and a little more water. The more water you add the easier it is to separate but the longer it will take to siphon off later; bear this in mind, THC is non soluble in water, remember.

Now for the important bit. Take your freshly blitzed mixture and slooowly pour it through your screen in the funnel into another equal sized jug. The crap collecting in the gauze is unimportant (except for a 2nd wash) so concentrate on the filtered mixture dripping through. It should have no bits of plant matter but should be a little opaque and hopefully a light brown/orange/green colour. This trichomey water will eventually settle to make your hash.

Once you have drained the whole batch give the matter in the screen a gentle squeezing, being careful not to squeeze any visible bits of plant into the water. You can save the wet mixture for another run if you are using trim from Bud or Buds. You can give it a really hard squeezing on the 2nd run. Take your strained mixture and put it in the fridge for over an hour or more to settle.

. Gently lift the jug onto a surface and if you look carefully you will hopefully see a greyish/browny/green layer at the bottom. Be careful not to disturb it! Thats the good stuff!
Now for the boring bit!
Everyones method of siphoning off the top water is different. Ive used everything from spoons and large syringes to gently sipping the water from the top section! (yummy! lol) On a larger scale raising it with a simple siphon tube is the way to go, but on this scale you may even need to gently spoon off the liquid when you get close to the hash at the bottom. If you disturb the bottom hash, leave it for a while- you do not want to be throwing away good hash!

Once you have got rid of most of the liquid, spoon out the hash onto a credit card or non-porous surface and press with another card to quickly drain moisture. Repeat this and you will get a knack for it! Then leave it to dry in piles when all is completed.

You should come back to some lovely goldeny brown hash- if you got the screen size right that is! :smile: Press some more if needed and release all moisture.

I hope this has helped man... bear in mind this is a basic technique and will not yeild as much as some hash passes. You can get as technical as you want making hash (solvent pulls etc)... but I like to keep it simple and have never had a failed pass yet- even with small amounts.

Good luck... and keep growing! :wink:
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Ill have to try this i have about an ounce or more of trimmings which i have just been shaking around and sprinkling the powder from the bottom of the box onto a joint, i gues its the same stuff just not as fine.


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Oh it is! :) Just a little fiddly and time consuming compared to expensive bubble-bags etc..

I've refined my technique a little now (3 yrs on!) but the basics are the same... Make the trich's nice n' 'stiff' with coldness and just remember THC/hash is non water-soluble..

Have tried many diff screen alternatives but still find cheap nylon gives a great result!!

Enjoy Indecline! I too am down to my trim now :( .... roll on the Jacky White!!

Peace to all