Sideways or Vertical?????????

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    nice! that almost looks like 2 plants

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    also I found
    ignoring the led thing...if you want.....

    CFL [​IMG]
    Light Source Efficacy65lm/W [​IMG]54% Fixture Efficacy35 lm/W
    XLamp XR-E Neutral White [​IMG]
    Light Source Efficacy58 lm/W [​IMG]77% Fixture Efficacy44 lm/W
    Figure 2: Comparison of CFL & LED Coefficient of Utilization.​
    I believe that CFl's are not strong enough to get 100% out of your plant... but if you put them vertically with a good reflector, then you will be getting at least a decent 'hot spot' (lumen wise).. SO you get less space for more light intensity... if you use enough, it might be worth it to go horizontal... right?

    To calculate fixture loss for the CFL example, we assumed 85 percent reflectivity for the fixture reflector cup and that 60 percent of the light will hit the reflector cup. Therefore, the optical efficiency will be:

    Optical Efficiency = (100% x 40%) + (85% x 60%)
    Optical Efficiency = 91%


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    Sideways all can cover more ground with a trellis . 1 plant can cover the tent / trellis in 2 weeks
    Tim Brittain

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    Lolypopin is taking of al the lower silly little stalks and leaves so the bottom part of the pla t that gets little light is bare and not wasting energy which is directed to the higher buds but you don' get one cola like that pic you vet fuck off monster plants

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