show and tell about your automated drip/sprayer systems

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    Here's mine. I have a 2 x 8 tray, a 2 x 3 - and a 4 x 8. I have a 1/2" feed line with 8" drip rings on each plant (in 10 gal smart pots) with a valve at each plant and one at the end of the line. There is a check valve at the output of each rez (water and nutes) so that they can both share the same line but won't backfill the opposite rez. For anti-syphon I just punched in a small 1/8" line just before the check valves and left it open to air. When the pump turns on, it spits water back into the rez - but before a syphon can start, it'll pull air into that line breaking the syphon.

    I have a nutrient timer set to feed 3x a day for 1 minute and a water timer set for 2 minutes, also 3x a day. I have it timed so that 1/2 hour after the water, it pushes the nutrients. This way, the roots won't be bathed in straight water for too long. DTW.jpg

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    Not as advanced as some of you guys in this thread. Simple DTW setup with hydro halos, ball valves let me adjust the flow,

    DSCF0019 - Copy.JPG

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    The gnome is the key element there!
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