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  1. new on this board but not new to the plant. i was on OG back in 04 until the fall. was with Moles crew growing the URANIUM CRANIUM strain mole created and ran for 20 yrs +
    went to icrag and planet ganja and made PG home as many other OG refugees some stayed on both sites. as well as other boards too. i can't recall how many boards/forums i've been on. quite a few at least 8 and i'm not going to try and name them lol.
    1. OVER GROW
    3. ICMAG
    11. OPEN GROW
    13. CANNAZON = sister site to cannetics seed retailer
    14. ?
    15. ?

    HEY I DID THAT STILL STONED and sleepy too. there were more than but i stopped there.

    BEEN RETIRED SINCE Jan 09. STUMBLED ACROSS AN OPPORTUNITY WITH A SMALL TIME WINDOW. So, was able to be fortunate and get a couple clones and not have to do seeds. i have plenty but we'll talk about that later. many are still from 05 actually.

    rooted clones were green crack, master kush and ak47 the runt of runts. fresh cuts were
    2 blue dream, 1 green crack. they are going in a groClone tomorrow. I can make 2/3 clones off the big Blue Dream fresh cut easily. it's a little woody so bubble cloning should do well. i only need 2 good cuts each Blue D, green crack, and ak47 to make moms with.

    If time permits a male will be used to pollinate 3 females and allowed to ripen long time.
    will use the weed for hash/edibles. I'm going to keep the make under my hat because of rippers.

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    Welcome back to growing, and to riu. Sounds like you know what your up to, best of luck on your adventures..
  3. thx i appreciate it. rusty as hell. already waited to late to put the clones in the groclone.
    i just checked and they look like shit. i went from recall and some written instructions to fire it up again. got the bubble stream dialed in well enough imho and i put the clones in the area where the bubbles were more profuse. water temps were close to optimum of 60 deg's approx 70 . exhale

    razor sucked, and putting them in water before hand they didn't seem to like. As usual if they last a few days they can recover and look much better. i sure hope so because blue dream are the ones i need to be successful. the three rooted cuts that are potted up already are still looking good with no signs of decline.

    The largest robust one is green crack and because dude rooted a large branch; my dude made and excellent choice and i was very impressed seeing how big it was.
    It's not i the same class as blue dream so far as medically so it's just a matter of time now to see the outcome.

    time to make room to be ready to go to the next stage i have time but want to get started to make it easier on me. way more physical issues now than when i retired so i'll just keep scratchin like a good bulldog should.
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