Should I trim these funny leaves off?

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    Good Morning. I have an organic outdoor Sour Diesel in soil, 15-gal smart pot. It has been re-vegging off and on. I am pretty sure that it was because of the amount of sunlight was fluctuating as the trees around filled with leaves they blocked more and more of the direct sunshine and I had a very thin green garden net over her(I remove the net during the day now) 60B28869-F497-4CD6-A5B9-0C8C0C61A9A2.jpeg C12F21B8-4A3E-4484-9B12-85E984D68FDE.jpeg 69168270-C273-478C-AC03-2A718EF9F0DB.jpeg 3E8AD937-64AE-4726-914A-685EC14C411C.jpeg 3CB224B0-95E9-4CCC-AA99-DA50E5ADCB11.jpeg I move her around everyday so she gets about 10 hours of direct sunlight per day. She is now growing three finger leaves Yay! I think.... I’m on the central California Coast and only have outdoor area to grow.

    So she has these funny curled leaves that started coming out and I am wondering if I should trim them off or let them be?

    Thank you so much for any advice

    hotrodharley Well-Known Member

    For whatever reason it is revegging. Leave it alone.
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    TessaMaria New Member

    Ok thanks

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