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    they are stacking really nice but the leaves look like there getting heavy. should I raise the light. 3-4 weeks old. 2 blue dream 3 misc under a digilux 1000w bulb set on 750. The digilux bulbs says it has extra 25% red and orange from what I read to prevent stretching. the blue dream is stretching but my misc seeds are not. The miscellaneous ones could be Devilicious or Purple Rain is what I was told.

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    Roger A. Shrubber

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    they look ok to me.
    red and orange light PROMOTE stretching, blue and white light discourage it.
    i'd say any differences in the plants is a lot more likely to be genetic than from your light. indica heavy strains tend to be short and bushy, sativa heavy strains like to stretch.

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    thank you this is the first time I have done an indoor grow this is my second grow. First one was last year and didn't document too much

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    Doesn't the very edge, in the second pic, look a little curled? How is that bulb from them?

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    yes I have noticed a little curling in the my heat never goes above 80 with a fan on them. could to strong of a fan do that

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    Running a 1000w bulb at 750 will run and work just fine. But it doesnt run at the right spectrum and that can cause stretching as well too. Mine would be near blue at 750

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    was thinking about getting just a 750. but I turn it up to 1000 about 4 hr a day when the tent is open.
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