Should I cut the two colas now and harvest rest in a week or so? First grow

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    Hello all. This is my first time growing anything. I'm growing feminized superb og and Afghan feminized. Both are at 50 days of flower tomorrow Aug 29th. Afghan isn't ready by looks, but my superb has two big colas that look close to done if not done. Need some assistance. A few white pistils. My trichomes look all mostly cloudy, and some are amber on the closest fan leaf from under the bud. I lost my jewelers loupe and am now forced to use binoculars. Here is a few pics. Thx in advance

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    Beachwalker Well-Known Member

    Don't look at trichomes on the fan leaves look at trichomes on the bud

    .. I'm still seeing a lot of white hairs on those plants Jimmy, I'd wait a week, maybe 2 more, as a lot of when you harvest comes down to personal preference
    - good luck!

    * to answer your question: yes, I harvest the tops, then about a week later the middle, and then I'll take the popcorn in about another week after it fattens up
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    Darr26 Member

    Thank you sir! Appreciate the info

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    I'm sweating a Tangerine Dream that is way ( 6 weeks) overdue, but buds do bulk up at the end, so hold on. My buds and triches developed a lot in the last week. Start reading up on curing while you anxiously await the CHOP!
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    I do this if I have the time. The mids, you will harvest more and better quality. Some growers suggest that the mids them become the better smoke. Unfortunately I have not been bothered to do it myself for awhile.

    From what I understand THC is always being created and decaying . As @Beachwalker said, look at the buds and not at the leaves and ill add No point looking at the trichs until the flowers are mature, doing so can make harvest time confusing. Look for all Brown (or on some strains vast majority) brown Pistils that are starting to recede (they curl up and recede back to the bud). That's when you grab the loupe if you need to get peak ripeness.

    Ill have a quick stoned ramble.. I think that a short flowering time on a description increases sales as the vast majority of indoor growers want a short flower time. So it "can" be used to make extra sales = profit. It can confuse growers as most of our setups wont reliably see the days suggested (we see this everyday on threads) and then we harvest a tad early than what, in my opinion, we should be.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    Is that the Barny's farm one? Any pics? Conflicting reports on it and I have a few seeds.

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    It is from Growers Choice, a California Seed Bank. They may have gotten it from Barny's?

    Darr26 Member

    Thanks for the knowledge!! Still waiting, half way into week 7. Going to wait for at least another week still. This site is great always get help here thanks for the info once again!
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    Darr26 Member

    I've been reading up on curing over the past week. Man did I mess up on not being prepared for that lol. Didnt realize how important and timely the curing process was! But I want it to be as smooth and potent as possible so the wait will be worth it.

    Subu Well-Known Member

    Not quite ready as others have said. Use bigger pots next time for a greater yield.
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    Going to upload some new picks now. I took a few colas off. But here's what they look like now. I'm thinking I'm getting close. And I only had a 2x2x5 grow tent. But I will definatly try larger pots next time.

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    Some more pics of superb og by heavyweight seeds. 56 days of flower today.

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    LordRalh3 Well-Known Member

    most strains take a solid 9 weeks or more to finish, the last 2-3 weeks are the hardest to be patient. Always harvest staggered anytime you can.
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    kindnug Well-Known Member

    70 days, 2 more weeks.

    Darr26 Member

    Thanks for the info. I'm currently still going today marks 59 days.. I will try going 10 more

    Mr.GreenJeans Well-Known Member

    10-15 more days should do it. Many folks harvest too early and miss out on a lot of their potential yield. When in doubt go a few more days -- It's pretty hard to overdo them!

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