shoreline genetics

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    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Fuck my life lol i knew i should have jumped last Friday!
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    I know some folks that have bought their packs from the man himself over at there's contact info on there web site.

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    That was fast....Contact him directly and see if he will put you on something.
    Happy Leaf

    Happy Leaf Well-Known Member

    I acquired them from a friend who happens to get a hold of some shoreline every now and then. Been getting it for many years though. Ive definitely smoked the elite clone in the past years and years ago, but i'm sure some of the shoreline i find now might be from shoreline genetics. Not sure! But it definitely reeks lol.
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    Amie Martin

    Amie Martin Member

    They finally contacted us be our seeds have been sent. We've just had a few hassles lately with them and it's frustrating when you order as much as we do.

    When I order, I order everything from Toby at OES. He's always done me right and I've gotten my orders very timely.
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    Amie Martin

    Amie Martin Member

    ?? Umm, I guess you'll just have to freak out.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Ok, we will. :lol:
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    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    I'm bummed I missed out from OES, was keen to jump on the Road Kill Master but can't get USD where I am and can't justify spending an extra $30 to do an international transfer. Sucks being over the other side of the world sometimes!
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    predd Well-Known Member

    I picked up a 6pk of alien roadkill as a freebie from OES.....probably some fire!

    HydroRed Well-Known Member

    Out of 6 seeds popped, 4 girls! The Ganja Gods blessed me.
    Roadkill Master are the 2 on the Left, Plaza Boss the two on the Right (in both pictures).
    One of the Plaza Boss has a bit more "stink" to her than all the other 3 plants on the stem rub. Kinda like a bitter, vinegar smell? Hard to put my thumb on it exactly but notably more odorous than the others.
    Shoreline - Copy.jpg shoreline 2 - Copy.jpg
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Got the stretch going on with my 2 Gorilla Glue and 3 plaza boss...

    All females, how lucky am I

    Huge fan leaves on my Plaza boss n getting a nice strong stem rub 20180125_154813.jpg
    kona gold

    kona gold Well-Known Member

    Looks nice!!
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    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    So bad new on my end. Every single plant I put in flower threw herms! I had a light leak issue for a day or two & the plants are from seed & a lil rootbound so I guess that’s the reason. None of the other 6-7 plants are herming so I had to chop all the Shoreline gear as I cant risk picking balls off everyday, I vegged my other plants too long for hermy pollen to ruin this run.

    I have a shoreline vegged out pretty good that I havent put in flower yet. Its the plant from seed & im thinking I should probably run the clone. Sucks but its going to be a while longer before I can run the clones of all the Shoreline gear
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    That's enough to ruin your day. Sorry to hear that.
    I had a mechanical timer go out on me last year, that left a light running for a couple of days, in the middle of flower, before I caught it. I had 2 different breeders strains go weird on me.
    higher self

    higher self Well-Known Member

    I want to say it was the plants too rootbound bc they were in the smallest pots under a gallon lol. I was trying to squeeze the plants in this flower run with the other in 2 & 5 gals smh. They got hit with the light leaks too & some of those are the from seed plant & no herms. Lol gotta give them Shoreline girls some space for sure! Some of the plants were smelling really good like he TX Oil

    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Anyone here growing out the Gorilla Glue ?

    If so, at what stage and do you have any
    pictures ?

    Thanks in advance
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    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    A couple of Plaza Boss about 5 weeks into flower.
    Theyre looking pretty good for going the last 2 weeks without being fed. I noticed their feed line was plugged today. Coco stays wet forever.

    I'm not picking any skunk smells as of yet, but more of an intoxicating tropical fruit smell. Like a cross between a mango and papaya, with a little persimmon thrown in. It's a first of its kind smell for me.
    20180208_175022.jpg 20180208_175013.jpg

    maurostu04 Member

    When’s the next drop?
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    naiveCon Well-Known Member

    Here's a couple Frosty bud shots from my Gorilla Glue @ 5 weeks today..

    They seem to be coming along quite slowly in the bud department but there's no shortage of production in the stretch department...
    20180215_170950.jpg 20180215_170944.jpg
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    shorelineOG Well-Known Member

    Roadkill Master. This pheno is master kush dominant. It stayed short with heavy yields. It's very potent but the Oil Plant is skunkier. 20180217_142146.jpg

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