Shiva Skunk day 65 ready/not pics

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    JFK6 Active Member

    Hi growing in coco, 250w dualspectrum light, small closet, using GHE tripack
    feeding according to the chart with one change, MY PLANT DIDNT FINISH IN WEEK 9.
    so im still feeding with 10/15 + biobloom. E.c i about 1.4-6.

    want to know what do you long till ill smoke some shiva =]
    open in full picture, it better like that.

    IMG_20150623_163031.jpg IMG_20150623_163049.jpg IMG_20150623_163119.jpg IMG_20150623_163158.jpg IMG_20150623_163231.jpg

    JFK6 Active Member

    Really? Nothing?
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    R1b3n4 Well-Known Member

    Fortnight or so, still lots of white hairs
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    JFK6 Active Member

    thanks man..thats what it thought. any reason to higher my E.c 2 weeks before harvest
    or should i keep with the same ratio?

    R1b3n4 Well-Known Member

    Tbh mate i PH but never dealt with EC so honestly couldnt tell ya lol
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    beepotron Active Member

    Lower your EC surely?!
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    SamsonsRiddle Well-Known Member

    The EC you have been using seems high to me, most people continue to lower it as harvest approaches.
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    JFK6 Active Member

    Well thats the ratio im using (GHE chart), i think that in two days ill start my last 10 days of ripen, flush all nuts out and hang her to dry.

    JFK6 Active Member

    Hi all, thanks for replying here =]

    week later - more photos. just finish the last watering + nuts, i think the next step will
    be flushing with florakleen for 24 hours (E.c runoff is a bit high - 2.2), ill let it dry
    (not full dry because its Coco) and start my last 10 days of Ripen. Im using GHE
    products and kinda try to follow their chart (seems to be working) so i know some
    people here hate the "killing" products like Ripen but im giving them a try =].

    by the way trichomes look 80% cloudy - Shiva akunk 8 week into flowering (Sensiseed recomnded 6weeks)
    just want to know what you all think.

    1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

    Nc87 Active Member

    That's some crazy foxtailing!

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    JFK6 Active Member

    Yea idk what caused that, any thing to say about my feeding/E.c..?

    SamsonsRiddle Well-Known Member

    I never go above 600 ppm, not sure of the ec conversion but i think it may be like .8ec?

    Your plants still look pretty though, so i wouldn't change too much.

    JFK6 Active Member

    thanks man, i just finish my 3 days of just water + Florakleen, want to lower
    my e.c to 1.2-5. ill let it dry for 2 days and start with the last 10 days of Ripen.

    weird thing that happened - some new white pistils showed up. Maybe it just because
    she can feel the end coming, idk....but im not going to change my schedule cuz
    of that.

    JFK6 Active Member

    Update - E.c runoff is 0.9, waiting for the coco to dry out a bit and going to try
    the Ripen like i wrote before - 10 days. ill be glad to have some input
    and maybe key tips for the next steps.

    More pics (foxtails seems to get bigger[?]) try it in full screen =]
    IMG_20150707_173213.jpg IMG_20150707_173226.jpg IMG_20150707_173239.jpg IMG_20150707_173258.jpg IMG_20150707_173326.jpg


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    GrowinWizer10 Active Member

    im starting to see some yellowing in the older pics u last posted, i say a few more weeks easy cut nutes just water and cal or whatever u use just no nutes let it suck the energy and fatten up the plant looks like it has 4 more weeks easy show some wider open pics the top nug dont mean anything

    JFK6 Active Member

    Thanks man. like i wrote before im in Ripen time now. So basically i cant stop
    Nuts now, in 3 days im going to finish the 10 days of Ripen, then going to flush all extra nuts out, let it dry for 2 days and
    turn the lights of for 48h -->harvest

    I really appreciate your words and gonna upload more photos later.
    Tim Brittain

    Tim Brittain Member

    I ain' be
    Tim Brittain

    Tim Brittain Member

    I ain' being funny but rippen is flora bloom with 1% more p and k in it otherwise it' identical .wat finishes the crop is using the rippen on its own with out the micro like usual .I use rippen now instead of bloom in the 3 part system its a no brainer your plants are gettng more p and k which especially when flowering they want Tim
    Tim Brittain

    Tim Brittain Member

    I' d be carefully with rippen mate .it' flora bloom with 1%more p and k its not using the micro that finishes the plants .I use rippen instead of bloom with the micro and grow .more p and k ..its a marketi g ploy and .by the way it makes your plants taste like Vaseline . Just feed normal stop using gro the green one 4 weeks into flower then just rippen or bloom a d micro you won' regret keep e.c up to 1.8 but start 1.0 or so

    Puff_Dragon Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's just the pheno type? Shiva has a sativa pheno that takes longer to bloom then the indica pheno (they always seem to list the best indica flowering time but never list flower times for each specific pheno). I've had the sativa pheno with a number of sensi seed strains but i haven't grown Shiva skunk. All the sativa phenos i got from SS took 12 weeks+ to finish ..i never grew these phenos more then once due to the bloom times :) prefer hunting quicker phenos.

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