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    TedeBoy Well-Known Member

    In the USA, within one state, is it better to use a private carrier or USPS? For privacy.

    SouthCross Well-Known Member

    USPS is the opposite of privacy and will probably deliver it to the wrong address. UPS are snitches and ask questions. Fed Ex is supposedly the most private.
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    JimmyBluffet246 Active Member

    Never had a problem with USPS 2 air tight bags n put a shirt over it n you should be good to go
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    draxhemp Active Member

    usps never ups
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    USPS employees are not legally allowed to open packages as per government regulations. The UPS and Fed Ex are allowed to as they are private companies. No regulations about that.
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    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    There are three times your packages run the risk of being opened while in transit through USPS:

    1. International shipments–Customs has the right to inspect packages in the destination country. This doesn’t seem to happen too often for most online transactions where the seller has included the proper documentation with the package though some countries are stricter about it than others. Packages mailed into the US are subject to inspection by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

    2. USPS can open the following classes of mail to inspect them–basically to be sure you have shipped your goods via the right class of mail since these services receive discounted rates:

    • Periodicals items.
    • Standard Mail items.
    • Package Services (including Media Mail, Library Mail and Bound Printed Matter) items.
    • Standard Post
    • Parcel Select®
    • Incidental First-Class Mail attachments or enclosures mailed under DMM 703.9.
    • GXG items that contain non-documents.
    • Priority Mail International items except the Flat Rate envelope and small Flat Rate box.
    • M-bags.
    • Items sent via “Free Matter for the Blind or Other Physically Handicapped Person” under 39 U.S.C. §§ 3403–06 and IMM 270.
    • All other Domestic / International mail not specifically stated below.
    USPS cannot open these classes, they are “closed against postal inspection”–see # 3 for exceptions to that:

    • First-Class Mail® items.
    • Priority Mail® items.
    • Priority Mail Express™ items.
    • Global Express Guaranteed® (GXG®) items that contain only documents.
    • Priority Mail Express International™ items.
    • Priority Mail International™ Flat Rate envelope and small Flat Rate box.
    • First-Class Package International Service items
    • First-Class Mail International items.
    • International Priority Airmail™ (IPA®) items, excluding IPA M-bags.
    • International Surface Air Lift® (ISAL®) items, excluding ISAL M-bags.
    • Certain Global Direct™ (GD) mail.
    • International transit mail.
    3. The US Postal Inspectors are like the police force for USPS. They can open any of the mail services, though if it’s one of the services in the “USPS cannot” list above, they get a search warrant to open letters/packages that they believe violate federal law.
    Started small

    Started small Active Member

    Never ever go through ups or FedEx done both both times got jacked by workers second usps is safest if your mailing shit I had this scary shit happen LAST YEAR I was ordering all kinds of from California every week so yea it works but... One day in checking the track number and it says "delivered at door" usually they drop it off... Nope so I call my buddy I already kno the deal so I get ready I KNEW sooner or later it would fail every other day getting packages one day shipping but besides that my buddy always put different name not true names of course so I'm waiting.... Knock knock... I have to open or they watch my house so yea I look out the peep hole its a mail man in a VAN not a mailtruck so I open lock my door shut it he asks me if the package is mine I say no he says "are you sure so I can just take it"? I say yes so then out of nowhere two more vans pull up its the federalis so they hop out ready come up fast ask for Id I give them my id and one spots my social card and says give me that they go back to they're vans each with my id I'm talking to the post MASTER as he said and kept asking to open it I say NO the other guys come back say he's good and they ask one more time is this yours can we open it I say no its not mine so they open it in front of me find 1 lb a qp of moonrocks and an oz of shatter and they show me and walk off..... I get to go back in with no issue... Fed ex and ups are 3rd party carriers just as a business has a right to refuse service when you drop that package off its theirs to open if they want usps has to get a warrant which has to have probable cause I still use usps till this day even after shit hit the fan just never ship more than a lb and always be ready when you drop that package off if you do the crime be ready for an outcome good or bad I don't recommend it find local buyers it'll save you 8 to 15 years don't make yourself sweat over something you do.... ✌
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    JimmyBluffet246 Active Member

    I personally was catching 8 at a time n all they did was t shirt 2 bags air tight. No next day mail just regular but we didnt catch package every day more like once a month per address.
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    Started small

    Started small Active Member

    I usually go the same route 1 or 2 a month but I always zip seal wash with soap another zip seal wash with soap the only thing I hate about it is going inside p.o to drop the package off.
    Some guy where I use to live in Oklahoma just got busted with 7 lbs in the mail but the package was in his name... Smh stay safe
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    Jimmy Verde

    Jimmy Verde Well-Known Member

    Usps trust
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