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    If you can get unobstructed sunlight all day long you should be able to keep them in veg over 14 hrs light, depending on the strain,
    If you aren't planning to do any vegging indoor, I would probably plant in early may and then you'll be at 14+hrs of light at the beginning of June and that should last thru June to Mid-July. Have a back up plan if they start pre-flowering, like adding supplemental lights.
    All about timing it just right.
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    I was just going by the usual minimum recommended time for vegging indoors but that's clearly wrong. After checking the solstice where I'm at only has 15.75 hours of light. I usually plant around 4 weeks before that so as long as you have over 14 hours of daylight and the days are still getting longer you should be fine with most strains. Make sure they have as much full sun as possible though. I've put out clones on the same day and had ones that were in partial shade for part of the day start flowering when everything else was vegging just fine.
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    . I couldn't post a link because I'm not popular enough. Kind of stupid. Either say no link posting at all or let every one post them. Tried to post a time sun link . what kind of stupid crap is this.
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    I've always heard 13 1/2 hours length of day was safe. If you can run a light on them for an hour at midnight that will keep them in veg. It breaks the night in two parts, fooling the plant into thinking it's summer.

    I find this tool to be helpful when planning on start times. {you can pick a town closer to you}
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    They limit what you can do as a new member. It will take a while to get up and running.

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    You're probably putting them outside just a little bit too early for your area. If you leave them outside as they are you should be able to tell what they are in around 3 weeks of being out.
    You generally don't wanna put them out until at least mid april. Generally april 20th for seedlings.
    The problem is going to be if your plants kick into flower and decide to stay that way for a while before revegging. But on a side note they'll turn into branchy bush monsters if you just leave them be to do that. Which is good.
    So it's
    1 They stay vegging and you're waiting until July/August for sex
    2 They reveg and lose 2-3 weeks while they're trying to figure out what it is they're supposed to be doing
    3 You give them artificial light to keep 2 from happening and still have to deal with 1 as well.
    I suggest keeping them close to home. Bringing them in at night until they're big enough to take cuttings. Gas lantern routine will make this super cheap and work perfectly.
    Take said cuttings, label them, put them on a 12/12 timer (a BS cfl bulb will suffice) then you'll know what you're working with. Destroy males and focus on your females. Or uproot your chosen male and keep it for pollen. Your cuttings will show sex while trying to root no problem.
    And hey if cuttings root just replace the chopped males with females.
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    Look at it this way. You have a month or a little more for it to become sexual mature and show sex. If one was to put it outside knowing at the end of that month that the days would be long enough to not make it flower then you are golden.
    757 puts his out as a seedling the first of April and never goes into flower early...and lol his are bigger then mine. But you may be short a couple of weeks. So even a light just for a few hours a day at night will work to keep it from flowering
    Good luck :)
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    Ok so what am I looking at a girl or a boy or is it too early to tell

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    Lilwatt Well-Known Member

    Male an female

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    If both pics, are the same plant. Looks like a pretty little girl, to me.

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    There not the one that is female I topped an the one that's not topped has little balls started to form

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