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    Who all changed what? I am against regulated weed. But it’s still smart to take advantage of our situations in life.

    What you are suggesting is fantasy.

    And weed has sure not been associated with free love. Hippies just say that and put it on t-shirts.

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Ok but im your local neighbourhood dope fiend and you guys are not low plant regulated law lovers...

    A breed apart.
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    Well I appear to be a low plant count regulated law lover. But I have pretty deep history since 1983 with these flowers.

    I’m still going to take advantage where I am allowed.

    What you wish for will never be. Please don’t condemn me for realism.

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    My point is...

    dont ever play Bob Marley again, he didnt write them songs for you....

    and yes i still believe in free weed and until that day i wont trade my religion for your half way house
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Lol. You really aren’t hearing me. I have no need to assume the same risk as the past.

    And you lost me with religion. It’s a plant.

    Also I’m more of a Jeff Beck fan.

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Someone else brought up the schedule one risk factor, the only positive to come out of legalization, all the other stuff was bad.

    People have campaigned for free weed not legal weed for a long time now, i feel most have missed their point in legalizing it with rules and regs...
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    On a side note Rastafarians view it in their religion and not as recreational. Its a plant worth basing religion and life on if peeps want.
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    MichiganMedGrower Well-Known Member

    Anything can be religion if people want man. Im pretty religious in smoking. I practice every day.:-)
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    Dr. Who

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    If you think the laws are fucked now @Kingrow1......
    This election year we have the rec. legalization vote. All kinds of folks are going Ya Hooo! It's gunna pass...

    Well, if it does. All of us Medical growers will be getting it in the ass - fast. It could come to pass that there will be NO personal rec. growing,,,PERIOD!

    They will begin reducing those 12 plants per patient down. I see the end result as being 3 to 0 in the next few years.....If the AG, Bill Shutte gets elected Gov. He will give his best to regulate it so hard that all resident growing will end! Buy from our approved system or stay home. He is a Trumpian style fuck nut. Heil Shutte, kinda guy. He was the leader of the medical MJ opposition. He shut down the bulk of all disp. when elected AG. HE is the man pulling the strings in our state congress that's created these stupid laws, and/or their new interpretations...

    Cutting edge genetics will be gone. Along with quality and purity.....The state's legal grow system will go through all the problems of Canada and other rec. states with controlled state grows. Insecticide and fungicide use from "banned" lists. Plants harvested by time and not by eye. Lack of actual "curing", the list goes on.

    There will be the dedicated "few" grow ops that will do the right thing but, by far. The bulk will be big money backed, all for profit operations that will not do more then crank out average to below average middler BS.....
    There is talk of the real grower folks, possibly forcing a better product by driving the market to quality and diversity in strains.......I hope so, or we'll be stuck with yesterdays genetic's at stupid "legal" pricing.

    What no one has said yet is that the state is giving the POLICE a hefty % of the new tax profits from this. The idea is to use that money to "Better pursue those still breaking manufacturing and dist. laws through out the state, to protect it's citizens."
    They have doubled to even tripled the penalties for breaking these laws.

    You should see the military equipment our county has bought. I fail to see why any police dept needs a RHINO..... I mean, have we an IED problem they ain't telling us about? Some poor sap gets the brain farts and holds up with an RPG or something?

    Few years back the Sate police raided this poor schmuck for growing too many plants. He gets scared and tweeks out, not wanting to go to prison, he grabs a gun and takes a shot out the front window, well away from the RAID team. Call in the rest of the state SWAT idiots. The idiots throw in a "home made" flash bang to "force him out" and "allow safe entry for officers." The fucking thing goes off. It lifts the roof off by about 8 inch's, blows out every window and separates the house from the foundation, in places. They take the guy away. Leave the house like it was and this leaves the county to come in and condemn the house. The wife and 2 kids, Had to leave with no money and nowhere to live with the husband in jail.

    Yeah, that went well. Well planed, and well executed. He was breaking the law but, destroy the house? Throw his family out into the streets? Think those kids will grow up trusting the police?
    "protect and serve" my ass! It's more like "Protect our self serving interest's."

    This didn't make much press. It happened about .5 mile from some of my fields. I bumped into it, by driving a big tractor out of a non public access 2 track, onto the road the house "was" on. About 150 meters from the house. I was swamped by cops with M-4's and MPK's, instantly. Not sure who was more surprised by the whole thing.
    Removed from the cab, and hand cuffed. Questioned at gun point. Held behind the Tractor and got to see, and hear the action by their radio's... Roads were shut down at this point. Few hrs later and it was all over but the wife and kids being able to live in their "home" as it was....

    Called the local TV and they were not that "interested" in it. Even after hearing my recount of the events. Now you tell me. Who got to who, to hush that up?

    Can you tell this issue hits a bone? FUCK da POLICE! FUCK SHUTTE!
    Don't move to Michigan!

    @MichiganMedGrower is RIGHT!

    OBAY the laws!

    Sad part is. If the poor sap had simply "complied" with the search warrant. He would have been able to plead down to a simple misdemeanor and walked away with probation and fines/costs. He had a clean record....

    Good news is. She (wife) works for the state's biggest dairy operation now. Has a new house (built by a settlement with the state over excessive use of force - bout the same house actually) and is waiting for the husband to make parole (Could be this fall). The local church made sure she and the kids had somewhere to stay and the church and community has helped where/when needed.

    There was some controversy in that the strong right wingers in the church. Wanted the family to leave. After all, "they were drug criminals." Pastor had NONE of that! Some real heart felt sermons of "loving one another", and "Turning the other cheek." Along with one on "helping those in need, for whatever reason." dominated Sundays in church for quite the while...
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