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    Vermont finally passed the bill allowing 4 dispensaries to open/operate here. Unfortunately, it's going to be another year (or two!) before one will actually be opened & ready for business. The dispensaries are to be by appointment only. I know of several people who want to open a dispensary but they would like to have the patients FIRST!!! That way they know how much is actually needed to grow and whatever else they need in there such as edibles or dips, sauces, etc....but we need to know what people want and how much each patient needs!! PLEASE, PLEASE advocate as a patient of Vermont to get these dispensaries running asap!! If you are a registered patient of Vermont, a thread will be posted up here for patients to check out at that website ...thank you!! lets get Vermont into the 21st century! :lol:

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    im going to be moving to vermont in the next year and hopefully getting a mmj card in vermont before i move but one thing ive been dying to get my hands on is "Green Crack" and some other clone only strains that are rare to get a hold of hit me up with a link to your buddies site if he makes one make sure u give me his info if he does

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    Hey Berja8!

    I myself am not a cardholder yet, but my mother is and I am registered as her caregiver here in Northern Vermont. WHen did you hear of this information? I have been looking into it for her because unfortunitly we do not have the money(or location) to grow ourselves, or even if we did we do not have ways of getting the proper strains for her and mine ailment. A dispensory would be a blessing as now we are at the mercy of the "street venders" and never truly know what we are getting and on a limited budget and for someone on dissability (my mother) not getting the right medicine makes for crappy days!

    I am going to assume that both her and I need something with some high CBD counts, maybe like cannatonic, bediol(very rare), god bud, harlequin those type of strains, something to help her rsd and my back pain(waiting on card approval now). Also would be looking for strains such as lemon haze, tangerine dream ect ect some exotic ones.

    My questions for you if you don't mind is how are these dispenseraries going to operate? I have read many articles and questioned alot of people from califronia and each dispensery handles thier customers differently, like some have set prices regardless of strain(I've heard ranges of $25-60 per eigth) and even others give each patient a set amount each month for free(income sensitive I believe) while some give patients that help with growing/harvesting/trimming are given even more for thier work.

    Sorry if this is alot of questions but I am still learning about this medicine and just recently found this site so I'm guessing my knowedge will flower(pun intended! lol) from here on out!

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    This is to sorry I havn't been here in a while....been very sick...anyways....Vermont's dispensaries will not even be open until next year...supposably July 2012....I myself think their full of crap as teir is not enough patients in Vt to begin with to even open one up or if they finally do get one open then their going to charge over $300 an ounce...they have to.

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    Also check out the americans for safe access website ...they are really good. so is the local newspaper....they usually have all the latest info on vermont...hope this helps??

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    If you're thinking of getting a card here it's not as easy as it is anywhere else. You have to have been with the same doctor for at least 6 months with the same qualifying condition for that 6 months before a doc can even think about signing the registry sheets for you. Vt only allows 4 different "types" of persons that get on the mmj registry, they are very strict. Every year you have to go through the exact same process too.

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    The laws are kinda bullshit for VT. My primary care physician is totally old-school and against weed, so she won't help me. She won't even refer me to someone who will help. But once I get my card, I'd totally use a dispensary!

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    Hate to break it to you, but that isn't how it works here in VT. I just moved up here myself, and they won't let me get a MJJ Card yet because you have to have "a relationship with a doctor for at least 6 months" and they have to make every attempt not to give you weed. It's only a last resort. This country is fucking stupid. There isn't a single good reason why marijuana should be illegal in the first place, nevermind for someone that needs it for meds. Stupid government bullshit. This country makes it really difficult to give a shit about it. They'd rather fuck with sick people over marijuana than stop crooked cops from beating protesters, and politicians and corporations from raping our country. Welcome to the United Police States of America.


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    Bear in mind if you dont have a terminal illness or ms or some DIBILITATING illness vermont aint gonna be southern california and throw ya a card cause ya got tourette's! lol, to be brutally honest before medical herbs came to anyone's mind folks were doing there thing because they wouldnt trust the "black market" and there greed to give them quality! The sooner folks figure out what it takes to get by ON THERE OWN, things will always be a fucken mess!

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    We are very excited to be applying for the last MM dispensary license in Vermont! The location of the dispensary, should we be awarded the license, will be in Southern Windsor County or Northern Windham County. We are looking for any VT registered patients living in Rutland, Bennington, Windsor, or Windham Counties that are interested in providing us with their[FONT=&quot] input as to what a patient would like to see in a dispensary and input as to the exact location of the dispensary. We think the ideas of registered patients will be invaluable in allowing us to provide a dispensary that suits the needs of the patients.[/FONT] Please contact us by sending us a private message. The application is due in two weeks, so we need to hear from you guys right away! Thanks!

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    Gmapothecare- your pms are not working. I tried sending you a message. Thanks.

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