Seeking Advice on Getting Started


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Hello--I'm aiming to try my hand at growing some cannabis outdoors this season (coastal New England, zone 5B), had a few questions for the veterans on here.

Where's the best place to buy seeds online? Or should I try locally here in my state? I'm a big fan of organic agriculture so would love to support that and plan to grow in native soil using organic fertilizer and amendments as needed.

Any recommendations on varieties? I can legally grow three plants in my state. Was thinking of trying a sativa, an indica, and a hybrid blend. I generally like a high-energy effect so I can work (both mental and physical work) and get stuff done, but once in a while a relaxing before-bed chill effect in the evening might be nice. Back pain relief a big plus. Planning to do mostly edibles and tinctures.

Sour Diesel sounds like a great option. Open to other recommendations. Have decent soil here, fair bit of sun, but short growing season. Trees here don't leave out until mid-May and hard frost generally comes in late October, although lately we've been having warm fall weather.

Thanks so much. Excited to give this a try.