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    JuanJadinero Member

    My Order: 3 x Industrial Plant CBD Auto, 3 x Amnesia CBD Auto, 3 x Dinamed, 3 x Super Lemon Haze Auto

    Freebie: 1 x Critical Plus 2.0 Auto, 2 x Kush Auto, 2 x NYC Diesel Auto, Bitcoin Free Seeds: 4 x CBD Critical Mass, 2 x Candida CD1

    Quality of seeds: Most are in good condition. A few cracked freebies. One or two ordered seeds have hairline cracks (possibly).

    Price: Slightly higher than other Seedbanks like Oaseeds, but you get tons of freebies.

    Service: Excellent. A lovely lady named Ruth responded to my queries within 12 hours. I requested for stealth shippment with extreme prejudice and also free CBD seeds for using Bitcoins. The solution she offered is implemented downstream during shipment.

    Stealth: If the seeds can reach me, they can reach ANYWHERE. Serious.

    Would you order again? Definately.

    Edit: Overall experience: 9/10

    Zero_OS Well-Known Member

    Nice review, I hope to provide one as well.
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Did you receive the seeds in original packaging?

    JuanJadinero Member

    No, i asked for stealth w/o packaging. The way they stealth those seeds the customs can never accomodate for the packagings, but if you want the original packagings, you can ask them to keep them, but then they will have to choose another stealth method, which may or may not work depending on how vigorous the custom is in the place you live (where i live is liberty hell so i wouldn't mind sacrificing the packagings - ya, i know some of the packagings can be really nice, like Dinafem's).
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    Sailormoses Well-Known Member

    Just received my order. No problem with customs. Plenty of freebies, easy CC payment. Fast delivery.....rating of 9 out of 10, will do business with them again.

    ChocoKush Member

    This place sells dinafem in breeder packs just got some, its in the usa.

    Fefedjondjon Member

    I've ordered 3 times from seedsman (during like 2-3 years) always had a very good service and good seeds (in original pack). The seedsman seeds are very good (especially for the price) i've grown their white widow and it was awesome. (Diferent phenos , one was very sativa-like) but they were all covered with trichomes. I'm growing their blueberry now...looks like the original stuff...we'll see when it flowers.
    P.s. the 420 special was killer. Only bought 3 strains and got 18 seeds (from 8 different strains) for free!!!
    The only thing is that they run out of stock very quickly.
    Hope this can be helpful...and no, I wasn't paid for this lol

    GoatSoup Active Member

    Oh you guys made me look and now I'm $80 lighter! White Widow Auto, Northern Lights Auto, + Girl scout Cookies and 3 Cheese Freebies!
    We shall see how Seedsman does shipping to Cali.
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    Nice choices!

    GoatSoup Active Member

    It's the first time I've gotten freebies! Since I grow 2-4 plants a run, I've got 4-5 cycles in the pipe. Tha is assuming the seeds get here? I was impressed that I got e-mail updates on my order and it shipped in a day from order. I noticed they had Regular Auto seeds and I'm thinking about buying a few to see about breeding some Auto seeds.
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    I think that's a good idea to not go too far beyond 5 cycles. We went overboard and bought about $200 in seed packs. And now we're backlogged for years. And it's a small concern of seed viability looking out beyond 2020.

    GoatSoup Active Member

    I agree but I wanted WW and NL Auto's to test the good things I've read about them. I can't get too excited about new varieties, because if the turn out shit, was the genetics or my noobiness? I figure on sticking to "Standards" until I can grow some fire.

    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    I placed an order yesterday for some regular auto's for breeding purposes. Checkout went smooth with CC ordering, the only complaint I have is their website loads so darn slow.

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