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    MrTriChrome Member

    My friend is wondering what the best way to acquire seeds is?
    What are the laws with seeds and the mail?

    ~CReePeR~ Active Member

    Depends on your location. If they are illegal to import to your country like the USA Customs will confiscate them and send you a letter stating this. I ordered from and got mine in 10 days. customs knows what countries to flag packages from. They hide the seeds well and ship from another country.
    And the seeds are fairly inexpensive and all my seeds sprouted. and they give you free seeds!!!!!

    budbro18 Well-Known Member

    single seed centre

    really good guaranteed shipping and pretty good prices.

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    If you are not a medical patient, I would suggest asking your stoner friends to save seeds for you (I got over 100 from my friends) and if you are a medical patient, I would suggest ordering them online so you can grow-out better genetics. Regardless of medical status, it is against federal law to receive contraband (weed-anything) through any postal service - but fuck the feds, right?

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    So what difference does it make if.your a med patient or not?

    You said it.yourself, being a med patient doesn't suddenly make seeds legal..
    Anyhoos.. just order the beans from a reputable seed bank like sea of seeds .. herbies.. etc. Etc..

    albert111 Well-Known Member

    alibongo is good

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    The difference is that, if for whatever reason, the cops are knocking on your door in relation to a contraband order; with a medical card, everything in your home (assuming you are within limits) is protected by the state. Odds are they'll go away after seeing your card; and you didnt receive the contraband after all. I don't think a customs seizure letter can be cause enough for a surprise visit from the police but that's the worst scenario I can conjure up. So better to be protected by the state in that case. In short, I say... fuck the feds but follow state laws. You dig?

    Chemdawg3 New Member

    Nirvana seed shop is the best, but Dinafem is also the best..

    mrgemstone1 Member

    Herbies did good for me.. ossc seeds also..

    JointOperation Well-Known Member

    the real thing is.. you never order seeds to the place you grow at.. PERIOD. same with growing equipment.. and nutes.. anything.. need a safe address.. were no1 is growing to order these things.. either way medical or not.. i dont trust the customs or the internet to keep my name address and everything safe.. so i dont use it lol.

    the seed boutique and seedbay.. are great..

    ILM Well-Known Member

    herbies sannie ssc all three can't go wrong

    mrCRC420 Well-Known Member

    The best best way to get seeds is to make them yourself. I've only bought 50ish seeds online (ever) and currently, I must have 2-300 seeds from my breeding projects. Sacrifice a little plant or the bottom half of a big one (isolated pollination) and you've 50 beans in prime genetics that you've selected! For Free!.... I should post my new strains at some point!
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    ironturkey Member

    James Bean Company!!! So reliable and great selection. US company so its delivered fast.

    Sailormoses Well-Known Member

    For US seed banks I have used James Bean Company and Seeds Here Now. Both fast delivery. No problems. Seeds cracked open in 24hrs.

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