seeds won't germinate properly

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    I think of the leaves of a plants he
    Thanks MMG. I think of the leaves of a plants as a plant's "head", but maybe the roots are the head??? WOW, Paradigm shift!
    Anyhow like you say my temp has been a problem and maybe the led light, a gift so I know nothing about it, is not good for seedlings. I think I have to raise the babies up higher than the heater because the heat isn't getting to them. I just did that and I put them under halides to get more heat and better color light. Maybe I'll post a pic. Happy new year everyone!
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    adsad.jpg marijuana-seeds-positioning-in-soil.gif

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    You could say our mouths are in our heads and a plants mouth is in its roots. but does a plant poop? What's the opposite of nitrogen to be though of as plant waste? Like animals breath O2, exhale CO2. Plant is opposite. everything is opposite. The head is down, the legs are up. I just don't see that a plant poops, but then there's seeds. Animal seeds come from below, their's from above. So when you talk to a plant maybe you should talk to it's roots becuase its ears would be down there. Touch it's leaves is it like tickling their feet or does it hurt?

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    Just to update everyone that gave me advice. i tried two techniques the rapid rooters and glass of water then straight to soil.
    both worked perfectly for me. after 3 days my seed in soil came up, and about 5 days after i checked that rapid rooter and notice it wasn't showing any signs of breaking the surface so i crack it open a little and saw that it was way to deep for the seed. how ever the seed did sprout a long tap root, i put her into the soil very carefully removing her from the rapid rooter.

    They are both growing awesome I have a 600w LED on them during the night a few hours and they get direct sun light during the day.

    i will change this over once they become to big to take outside and place them into their permanent pot under the LED. Trying to save on electricity cost.

    Thanks everyone for your advice really appreciate it.

    NOW does anyone know how to control smell with out investing in a carbon scrubber? Please advice.

    Happy growing everyone.
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    if you find a way to control odor without a carbon filter, or something equally expensive, let me know what it is?
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    hey mate. i Haven't found a cheaper way as yet that works, but i am thinking of making a home made scrubber its just two plants. i will post info here if it does work out. my grow space isn't big so i really don't want to be spending on that pro carbon scrubber.

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    What are you making it out of? I thinks it’s worth vs the small amount they cost for a small filter.
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    if you search around riu you'll find an old thread about homemade filters, its a couple of years old now i think, but it seemed like there was some pretty good ideas in it at the time.
    i do however, tend to agree with Lh, you get what you pay for, cheap carbon doesn't work very well, and if you don't get it packed tight into your container, it won't slow the air down enough for the carbon to act on it.

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    well my grow space is about 3x3x6 roughly, and most of the fans cfm are way to high for the size of the grow room. the lowest cfm duct fan i found was 144cfm came with a scrubber and ducting for $95. (not bad) however my grow tent is only needs 54cfm max to change the air out.

    please correct me if im wrong but that's the way i understand it after a few days of google researching grow room ventilation.

    here's my plan. I've ordered two computer sized fan 23 cfm each and two 6 inch clip fans ( non osculating, i forgot to check them before i ordered to late now). what i want to do is place the two 6 inch inside for air flow and one comp fan will be for exhaust on top and the other will be fresh air inflow down below. when things start to smell ill put some ducting over the exhaust fan and run it to a home made carbon filter.

    mind you this is all set up in my room. so yea space is a major issue.

    How i plan to make the carbon filter.

    two plastic containers ( bottles would be best) one should fit inside the other and leave some space for air flow.
    activated charcoal ( enough to fill the small bottle all the way)
    a carbon filter replacement ( the fabric looking thing sorry not sure how to describe it )

    make lots of holes in both bottles small air holes. add charcoal to small bottle and cover. place inside big bottle and wrap it with the carbon filter replacement fabric. tie it down in place with some strap ties fit ducting over it and tie it down with strap tie add duct tape around the ducting to seal it good and that's it .

    my plan on making a home made carbon scrubber. this idea was from a few youtube videos i've been watching.

    let me know what you think.

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    Im sure its been said but it sounds like you just put them in a paper towel from your description.

    place them BETWEEN moist paper towels or just place them in medium.

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    I did place them BETWEEN moist paper towels.

    i found soaking it in water and then straight to the pot worked good for me also i added one in a rapid rooter cube that worked great to.

    I'm done with the paper towel thing, ill stick to these two methods.

    Appreciate your response. (:
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    I would go with the fan 144 would create a good negative pressure in the tent keeping the smell from escaping. I don’t trust the homemade route on the filter either. But do you man.

    markyboy45 Member

    ill think bout getting one
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    Your fans don't like to kiss?

    markyboy45 Member

    i have no idea what your talking about. (Noob here)
    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i'm just being an ass, fans oscillate, osculate is an obscure word for kissing....and curves in math

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    when i ordered them the description said 360 rotation and tilt able head. I assumed the 360 rotation meant it could turn 360 degree if needed. turns out it has to be positioned by hand, and i bought two of them for air circulation.

    ill just use them and position them to face the side of the grow tent wall so the air bounces off the walls and makes a nice circular movement inside the grow tent.

    my other two fans are for air inflow and exhaust. its just a small grow tent so i didn't want to spend much on it until i have some experience.

    my set up is so far.

    -3x3x6 ipower grow tent
    -600w led king plus full spectrum light
    -urban farmer timer for light control
    -15 gallon aeration fabric pot ( didn't know it would be so damn big )
    -16 inch fan blowing air into the tent from outside to big to fit inside.
    -water every 3rd day or so. unless the soil feels wet or cold then i don't water or if the leaves are kinda hanging down like, i give them a little ph water 6.0 no nutrients inside
    -nutrient is 20 20 20 npk only none miracle grow product i found and none auto release formula power.
    Ordering nutrients only wouldn't be possible unless its powder, the liquids would have to be very well packed to get here or it will spill for. i give them just a small amount of the nutrients about 15% to 20% of the recommended amount.

    other things i've giving them is potassium tea ( boiled 3 bananas in ph water and gave them a little bit each once)

    Still waiting on

    air inlet and outlet fans
    the two fans for air circulation

    and maybe i buy a carbon scrubber and scrap my home made on idea.

    i have 2 sour diesel inside the the 1 15 gallon pot. I know not a good idea to put two plants in one pot but at the time i was trying to germinate seed so i tried two methods and both work, my pots are so damn big only one fits inside the tent. i would never trow a perfectly good weed sprout so i just added the two to the same pot.

    they are doing well tho, kind of short but nice green color about week two of veg day 4 today. i want to veg them for 5-6 weeks untill its bout 1 foot high and then start the flowering faze. they are not stretching tho and are about 3-4 inches high with their 4th set of leaves growing in not counting the first set of true leaves.

    i really want to get some better nutrients for them, i am skeptical about what i'm giving them and hope they don't run into trouble during flowering.

    any suggestions are always appreciated
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    look into Jack's dry salts, they have them in a lot of garden centers, and you can order them from amazon or ebay. i use the 20-10-20- citrus blend for most of the grow, switch to their 10-30-20 blossom booster for two weeks at the beginning of actual flower, my pk boost, then back to the jack's citrus for the rest of the grow.
    you do have to supplement calcium though, they don't add any to the Jack's, as it interferes with the uptake of Sulfur. i use a foliar spray meant for tomatoes, but cal-mag or calcium nitrate would work just as well

    markyboy45 Member

    Great thanks, ill give them a try.

    what amount would you recommend feeding the plants?
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    Have some patience germinating them in a medium.
    Since you won't be able to see any activity , like when you germ in water or a paper towel method.
    Just relax and wait.

    Good luck, let us know how it goes.
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