Seeds not germing. 2 of 8. help

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    WheresmyATF Active Member

    Hey guys, i germinated seeds last saturday(6 days) and everything but one strain was in soil by tuesday(3 days germing). I have 3 seeds of Grape Snow Train germing and one finally cracked yesterday morn. I planted it last night. But the other two are worrying me. They've been in paper towel for 5 days. Any tips or suggestions? Been looking around but other then breaking them open idk what to do

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Not a fan of towels but seeds can take 10 days or more if it is the cool season.

    WheresmyATF Active Member

    Oh yea, also been keeping them between 70-85 degrees. P.s. The seeds are much more mature and large compared to every other seed i germed

    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    Burpee 36 cell self watering tray, rapid rooters or soil, heat mat 100% success
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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    I usually do mine directly in soil. no muss no fuss.

    WheresmyATF Active Member

    Well i waited another day and nothing so i decided to crack the 2 seeds open. Used a brand new blade and went around the rim and then used my teeth to pop half the shell off. Inside both of em was alive n healthy but the seed shell was harder then an egg shell after almost a week germinating. So i put the seeds in soil. Gunna wait a week to see if they pop. If not i'm gunna germ 2 more seeds, scarify the outside of the seeds, use very diluted peroxide and keep em around 80 degrees in fresh towels every 2 days. I'll post a pic if those 2 i forced poped work out

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    think they might not like dioxins, formeldehyde bleach furans and stuff?
    a cup of water, direct to moist soil etc has always been tops for me.
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    WheresmyATF Active Member

    everything i'v been popping was new strain for me so towels gave a piece of mind but next go if these don't pop i may as well
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    WheresmyATF Active Member

    so they actually popped and are doing better then the one that cracked on its own before planting. They both had a tiny bit missing on their cotyledons but are growing.

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    TrailBlazer12747 Well-Known Member

    That was over a month ago? How long did it take for them to germ and sprout?

    WheresmyATF Active Member

    Today would be day 15 since starting germination

    PhriendlyPharmer Member

    Rapid rooters are the greatest thing ever. I went 9/9 my first time cloning using them. I was having issues getting seeds to germ into FFOF soil, so the owner of my local GS showed me the rapid rooters and I had 4/5 seeds germ. Moral of my story, research rapid rooters and find out how to get you some.

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