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    My seedlings (2) are 11 and 6 days old now and I want to make sure I'm on the right track. I've never grown indoors before. The seed I planted was an unknown strain but grew some killer bud outdoors. The way these are growing is concerning me due to the shape and size of the leaf and the fact they aren't getting any taller. Any help would be appreciated!!!
    Using a 300w vipairsipectira full spectrum light about 23" from plant
    -tent temperature at 80 degrees
    -small fan pushing air on/around plants
    -farm fox ocean Forrest soil
    -no furtilizer added yet

    Thank you!!

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    bobtokes Well-Known Member

    are you ph ing your waterings ?

    SPT New Member

    Hi bobtoke, right now I'm just using bottled water, I ran some water through the soil and then tested it. It was at 5.57ph

    Budzbuddha Well-Known Member

    Ok ...
    1. If you are running water thru that small container until it runs off at bottom ... You are watering way too much. You are basically flushing it.
    2. You are using bottled water .... There is absolutely NO REASON to use this with FFOF ... It is ALREADY PH to 6.3 - 6.6 by itself....... I use tap water and zero problems.
    3. There is no reason to " test or check " runoff ... All you are doing is overwatering .
    4. FFOF is a bit " hot " for seedlings .... Most times it needs to be paired with a lighter soil ( happy frog or seedling mix ) so young taproot can grow with out too many soil nutes bombarding it.
    5. Seedlings can be " STARTED " easier ... With a simple CFL bulb up to the point of transplanting to the regular . Here is a seedling in FFOF .... Perlite / light warrior

    6. You should be misting plant , not watering it ... Until it is growing properly.

    7. FFOF soil WILL carry your plants up to week 5 or 6 WITHOUT ADDING NUTRIENTS. It is that strong.

    Good luck

    SPT New Member

    Thank you for the information budzbuddha,
    I only ran water through it once to see what the PH was and normally give it two light waterings a day. I will switch to tap and mist it until it is better established. I have some CFLs, what wattage do you recommend/ what hight? Any info is greatly appreciated!!!

    Ohitsme Member

    You can start a seedling with 1 23 true watt cfl each. I've gone with 1 bulb a plant until nodes 5/6. Once they start really stretching in between nodes. Which is usually time to transplant anyways. Seedlings don't really need to much water. That said I think the soil is too hot. Looking at it I wouldn't say you're overwatering but you probably should cut back a bit. You can't water them like outdoors plants.

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