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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    I work to hard for to buy seeds that herm. I nvr got on the wedding cake hype or purple punch kick. 150 a pack for a chance at getting shit. Why. There are tons n tons of breeders some not mainstream that put out better fire for a whole lot less. Just like back in the day with Cali conn hermie issue. Do your due diligence and dont waste your money. If you really look on IG. You can find smaller breeders that are pulling over 30% thc on worked lines. That blow sjg herm issue outta the water.

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Man y’all just don’t know how much some of these breeders make in a year but it’s only certain ones. Over 100k plus and I don’t think they be paying taxes simply cus it’s still illegal federally. Seedsherenow makes the most simply cus he has the bread to buy all stock and sells at all the cups and events and buys the best gear. Overseas will never be the same since USA banks are so prevelant but yea there are some getting stupid rich

    AmericanGrower508 Well-Known Member

    General rule of thumb is breeder gets paid half of what bank sells it for. Like BOG I can buy straight from him at $40 or the bank at $80.
    As for how much breeders make, having made plenty of seeds I can safely say that if a breeder uses a 4 x 8 of all 1 cross he will easily get over 10000 seeds. So if he is running say 4 tents with 4 different crosses thats say 40000 seeds. 10 a pack = 4000 x $50 = 200k - say 5k for pkg/stickers. Plus thats 1 run so even if he grows bud 1 run he still gets 2 seed runs.
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    AmericanGrower508 Well-Known Member

    Now haven said that do you have any idea how much work shucking 40000 seeds adding equipment to do it means $$$ spent
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    eastcoastled Well-Known Member

    My comment was geared towards them being legit, and paying taxes. With the IRS you are guilty until proven innocent,they have more power than most people know. If they aren't legit it will be sorted out one day.
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    PerroVerde Well-Known Member

    How are the Gelato 33 s1's looking? Thanks I'm advance... :)
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    Have 5 wedding cake bx under soil , Let’s see what we get eh

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    Animal Face two phenos. Lots more veg to go but nice smells on stem rubs. Very stretchy OG like in growth smells are unique. Excuse the health just got transplanted few days ago

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    Thegermling Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of ordering some from the neptune seed bank but all this about hermie tendencies in seed junkies gear is keeping me away from pulling the trigger. Let us know how it turns out for you.
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    ganja noob

    ganja noob Active Member

    Any recommendations??

    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Madd farmer
    Telekentic genetics
    Stoneage healing beans
    Ghost genetics
    High country genetics
    Grobotnik genetics
    Kendog smoke beans
    Pistil positive genetics
    Omg seeds

    The list goes on and on. They all have fire.

    jwreck Well-Known Member

    Growers demand seed from a strain - strain has herm tendencies - breeder caves and makes seeds - growers buy seeds with herm genes - grower gets herms - grower mad - grower gets on ig,riu to bitch and complain.
    Dont be mad at the breeder at the end of the day if you dont have the means to get clones seeds are your only hope.
    Trim and keep a close eye on them eventually youll find something special
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    Thegermling Well-Known Member

    Paying $150 for twelve something seeds is lost money just for the plant to hermie. Hermie genes can be repressed but apparently this breeder doesnt know that (seed junky).

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    If anybody thinks its not possible to get herms from cookie crosses you just don’t know. Nobody has stabilized cookies where no herms show whatsoever in the genes. Yes there are breeders who have crosses that do much much better and not show the tendencies to show herms but anytime you growing anything cookies expect for it to possibly happen. Can’t be mad at breeder cus end of the day you decided to buy the beans and also many factors can make a plant herm. Can we always honestly say that we gave perfect conditions and no stress to the plant whatsoever? I tend to go with on cookies if it’s showing herm tendencies from seed plant it has to be low if it’s high up no go if low I’ll pluck and continue to watch and grow. If many continue to show its a no go if nothing after then I run from clone but nobody should be looking to expect to get no herms if you do great but it’s possible you will see one. Also I do agree tho testing before hand will allow you to make that decision if seeds should be sold. Some of the crosses are 100% herms every female so those are the ones that shouldn’t be available but hype has created the market for people will take chances to get fire

    genuity ambition

    Got some nice wedding cake BX1 in flower now(2 of them) 1 still in veg...
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    714steadyeddie Well-Known Member

    That’s some bullshit and something lame ass Jbeezy would say......

    At the end of the day breeders use all sorts of “in demand cuts” too breed with, yet their gear doesn’t herm out at a high rate. Look at bodhi , all his females are usually big name cuts that everyone knows but his males are his creation that are stable as fuck.

    I understand getting hermies are growers self made errors, but if 75% (maybe more maybe less) of customers are reporting that they are getting 7-9 hermie plants per pack then that’s all on the fucking Breeder. Then to have such a toxic attitude about it when paying customers ask simple questions about his gear is what really pisses me off.

    BOTH his fem and regular gear are throwing hermies left and right. Even on the animal mints pack which is Regs, was throwing out hermies.

    So the lame excuse that “ growers demand seeds from hermie prone cuts” is a bunch of crap. I read jbeezy typing up that very same excuse on IG.

    akhiymjames Well-Known Member

    100% agree 7-9 herms per pack is unacceptable. Male selection is key Bodhi is on a different level with male selection but all his males aren’t always his creation but like I said his selection is hat separates him. Nobody compares imho just for the reason you said he uses the big name cuts too and doesn’t have high rate of herms. I would like to see him use the Wedding Cake but obvious he seed junky went wrong somewhere in his male selection and personally I think he went wrong building most of his cookie stock of Animal Cookies that one imho def shows offspring to herm more just like when In House had all the Animal Cookie fems. I haven’t heard much of seed junky OG crosses but hopefully he gets away from cashing in on the hype and focusing on making good beans
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    jwreck Well-Known Member

    What male did bodhi create? Wookie,appy,sl and hp13 all came from someone else. He made excellent choices selecting the male thats about it.
    Ive heard of herm reports from all breeders bodhi included especially when you take a cut like og sour or cookies that are already prone to hermie and you reverse them to make fems.

    Vato_504 Well-Known Member

    To be real. I ran a pack of triangle mints and had problems with germming. Outta 12 3 popped but I got 3 fire females. No herms no balls or nothing. But he did replace the pack with 4 packs. And outta the beans he sent as replacements my potna got a nice male and female. So that’s my experience with JB.

    Bakersfield Well-Known Member

    Not a whole lotta breeding going on here. So many great and unique strains exist that are unstable and produce a certain amount of intersex offspring.
    There doesn't seem to be much incentive to stabilize these genetics when fortunes are being made as is.
    Seems logical to me that if a breeder were to devote the time to stabilizing these herm prone genetics, they would get left behind and forgotten about, as the fire chuckers keep the hype train rolling, on the hopes of consumer unobtainium.
    If the intersex rate becomes to great, the breeder will get such a bad reputation, that people will eventually move on to someone else, until the problem is fixed.
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