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    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Hi all , having trouble tracking down a seed bank , that has a good range of high CBD strains , in comparrison to THC, for medicinal purposes , any clues ??
    Information on the various strains ,they have would B great ,as well, ie; best suited to what medical condition


    briteleaf Active Member

    Super CBDx Seeds. has many new, record high CBD seeds. 17% CBD levels recorded. Recommend the Sweet Cheese SCBDx.

    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Thankyou, ill look them up
    May i ask , if taking high CBD or CBD mixed with a small amount of THC, have the same effect on the body as ,THC, ie- racing heart & so on , as normal cannabis ,doesnt agree with me to well, & the meds im on arnt doing a lot either

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    The racing heart thing goes away after a few weeks. Just persist.
    I know many people don;t get along with sativas from the get go.
    Over time it becomes nice and relaxing without the head in a bucket feeling of the CBD rich indicas.
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    briteleaf Active Member

    The amount of THC is tiny and not psychoactive so no "high" or racing heart etc. You can also get CBD vaporizer pens in Oregon.

    Poontanger Well-Known Member

    Thx Briteleaf,........unfortunately im not in the US ,& things as such arnt available to me
    I can get seed, which is 50/50 thc-cbd (photo or auto)
    Would that have an effect like ,just a thc strain ? as smoking it would be about my only way of admineresting it, i know ,thats hard to answer as were all different, & does mixing thc with prescription medication have any ill effect ??
    I think i might start a thread, asking such a question
    Thx again for your interest

  7. Well-Known Member

    ^^ found 1 pheno that tested over 8% cbd and 3% cbn. Averaged around 4-5 ounces per plant, 30 days veg... 55-70+ days in flower.

    ^^ all phenos except 1 was extremely high in CBD. Levels were around (guessing based on memory) 15% THC 5%-17% CBN 0.1-4% cbd... Extremely nice medical strain, large problem was that it was a weak yielder. Averaged around 2-3 ounces per plant with 30 days veg. 60-70 in flower.

    ^^ all phenos had more than 12% cbd. Not a very pretty looking bud though...

    ^^ all phenos had more than 14% cbd. Not a very heavy yielding plant. Prettier buds however.

    I also just notice dinafem has a lot more cbd varieties. You might want to read more on them, heres a good article about them

    That's a pretty good depiction of dinafems amnesia CDB, however from what I can remember mine were a lot frostier.

    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    you could also look up blue blood and black blood strains too. Those help people with MS.

    you could also look up these guys, they have those strains plus more

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