Scorpion diablo X


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Does anybody know what chips the new model is running , seems like quite a different spectrum.

HLG Scorpion® Diablo X – Horticulture Lighting Group
QB648 is a custom LED Module designed by Horticulture Lighting Group and made by Samsung. Each board has 648pcs Full Spectrum LM301H LED and 18 pcs Deep Red 660nm Deep Red LM351H LED. This Quantum Board® has the highest quality and efficiency.

Which is 666 diodes total. Therefore the Diablo name.

Get it while it's on sale. $974.35. You're gonna be waiting awhile for the X, but you can get the regular one now it looks like. They look about the same to me from the pics.


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The X has 28 reds and the spectrum is very different, the green and yellow is less than half, blue is greatly reduced and the red is spiking much harder .

Also Im counting only 544 chips not 648
Where are you seeing this? The Diablo boards have 666 total diodes.


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Actually, they have greatly reduced the red in the white LEDs and made up for it with the 660N reds. According to Steve,he just went to see an op testing the new Scorpion Diablo X. He said according to the company, there was a markedincease in bud production. The company was joking about HLG's "hobby lights". They are not laughing now! In fact the put in a HUGE order, several million dollars worth!

Oh WTF. More red, less green, and about the same blue but a tiny bit less. So WTF? Is there gonna be different Diablo Boards? Whatever the difference, they better all have 666 diodes, :bigjoint: