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    Ha I don't know if your being European or what? :eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke::eyesmoke:

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    i love the fact that sarcasm gets taken way outta propursion.....

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    well ya know... crazy is what crazy does hahaha. kinda like how i laughed in my typing, but i did not physically laugh. maybe just a tinge in my mind. mwahahaha

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    get me a plane ticket and a dust hotel and im gone

    EDIT: i require a fresh belly dancer every night :D

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    No problem. mwahaha life styles of the rich and famous eh

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    Dude I'm Saudi... like your post.

    glad you're enjoying it, but let's get a few things straight.

    They don't execute all dealers. Just the big traffickers importing shit into the country. The small-time guys actually get whipped and jail time.

    And the reason they might go easy on you is 'cause you're an American... cops aren't always that nice.

    But yeah: if you know with who and how to roll, Saudi is pretty fun and unique. And i'm saying this as someone who's been living abroad for 10 years.

    Which city r u livin' in? you could PM me :bigjoint:

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    You are right about the whole death thing.. probably. because they only beat the people who buy the stuff. I remember when a few people i knew who sold disappeared tho. Sucks for them. I mostly am in Jeddah cruising by the sea and tahlia. I frequent Medina and Riyadh a bit to see family and shit. I am from the family al-sheriff, So that actually gets me away with more than being american. I think its pretty sweet there tho. You do not come off af saudi, or at least that you grew up there. You are very right about the poverty tho. there are women refugees in the streets living of garbage all over and many foreign people doing all labor who slave to barely survive i know. I try to help them but it is too much. All I mant by the extreme wealth is that everywhere I went and everyone i met and hung out with was like a millionaire if not billionaire it was rediculous they wrecked bmws and laughed about it i was in shock how nuts people get over there.

    oh and the biggest traffickers are princes i know that for a fact.
    Ok in my opinion the country itself isnt too rich. Because most people there arent even saudi they are phillipino or paki or many other places where people got umra visas and stayed for work. It is fucked up how people are abused because they are illegal there. The pain and suffering of non saudis there is rediculous. Saudis for the most part in the city where i live everyone is rich. I have seen poor saudis beg and people will give them thousands because no saudi wants another saudi poor. or at least to see that. But I have been to towns made of mud with no roofs I drove thru the worst shit ever to get crack and heyron and pot Ive even had to pull out my .38 and threaten to kill people because people were getting pushy with me it was freaky. It gets poor yeah. But Not if you dont wanna see that or if you dont want hard drugs. Hell I almost got gang raped no lie my gun saved my life!!! that was the scrriest shit ever.. ever. Damn bedouin mother fuckers

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    Yeah I was fortunate enough to get an education abroad. I left Jeddah when i was 13 and have been living in Switzerland ever since.

    i know exactly what you're talking about though, but the sad part is that most of the kids that I grew up with there that never left the country are just so ignorant about everything; including their own country. It's hard to relate sometimes, even with my own family there...

    And don't get me started on our royal family :D

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    ha i feel ya man. Yeah I was educated and grew up in America, Thank god!! So whenever i go visit Jeddah I have to deal with my cousins who are crazy. They are so rude and cocky to just about everyone they treat people like shit because they think being rich makes them more important. I met the coolest people by not judging people and thank god I did because I woulda shot myself being around those assholes. The royal family is good. they are as good as any other family its got good and bad you know. Some of the things a few of them do is just so fucked up tho your right we shouldnt get started about that dont wanna get blacklisted lol. But yeah Saudi is pretty cool.If your ever there you should pm me on rui we could smoke a blunt or do something. So how is Switzerland? it sounds pretty damn cool. literally and figuratively.

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    hey, i'm a saudi arabian but i lived here in tha US like half of my life.. i was thinking about starting a business which is growing marijuana out there.. i'm dead sure that they don't even know how does it look like! lol it's kinda risky tho ,, but having it among high class people who already got smoebody watchin' their back you know wat i mean ! when i'm back there, i never think of driving !! i feel like i don't know how to drive .. there no speed limit or anything loll so think of it ?!

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    hey guys! do u know wer i can get hash from? pm me plz! im from jeddah :) safe!

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    Yeah to say your full of shit is an understatement blonde with blue eyes 6.5 drives armored 7 series? wtf is he a James bond wanna be? drove past a check point at 140k ? i dont know maybe things are def here in the capital Riyadh o and just answer 1 question for me or make that 2 1- how did you get to this site when its blocked by the saudi gov 2- wich prince is next in line for the throne and the name of are current king? i mean we got 3day extra over are weakend because he died you should atleast know that

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    Hi im an expat currently abroad and will travel to teach in jeddah in a few months. im always down to chill. pm me or email or something if your in town.

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    I hate calling bullshit.. but sometimes when things becomes so thick and dense that is too hard to digest I'll call it out...

    to correct you, smoking hash/weed you get jailed 3 years, drinking alcohol is 80 lashes. Selling/smuggling/brewing Alcohol you get jailed from 3 to 5 years if you get caught the first time, 2nd time or 3rd time (depending if the judge wants to be an ass or not) it's execution. Selling/smuggling drugs is execution, and depending on how many cannabis you grow (the less plants the less likely you get a harsh penalty) and how merciful the judge is sentence might swing between 5 years in prison or execution.

    About the dealers, being very respectful, that's a bunch of horse shit. Doing a business that can get your head chopped off will most likely be very nervous dealing with new people and seldom I find or hear about a dealer that doesn't mistreat his clients. Because of the occupation hazards, drug dealers % of the population are way fewer than other countries. Some will try to take advantage of the scarce number of dealers/suppliers claims he got non on him in hopes out of your frustration you'd offer them more money... (dirty bastards). Sometimes they will try to sell you hash that has less potency or totally crap.. Some dealers are rude enough to ask for a piece of the product that he just sold you (for his personal use). Only time I assume dealers would be very polite and kind is when he is used to you buying in 0.5 Kg or higher.

    Rest of your story (which is TMI IMHO) is very bogus;

    member of the royal families have special ID's and special sticker, license plate on their car and usually see at least one police car (the khaki colored ones) hanging around from afar keeping guard, impersonating a royal family is a serious crime. a foolish kid claimed to be a prince when stopped by a cop, in short terms it didn't end so well.

    And speaking as a Saudi, Saudi Arabia is a very boring place and unorganized ; rarely you would find activities, swimming pools, arcades, good amusement parks, water parks, aircraft sports, water sports, sport facilities (most people would play group sports on an empty piece of land) and marinas.. and you would never find public cinemas, bars and clubs... there used to be hookah bars within the city which most people enjoyed hanging out with friends, watching sport events and playing cards but the government officials felt that Saudi Arabia didn't sucked ass enough so they voted not to allow hookah bars within the city limits forcing a lot of people out of business.

    the architect system of the roads and land leaves very little area for plantation, sidewalks and even parking. All saudi cities are a hug cement like forest which allows for even further more heat build up. If anyone has any doubt of this just google up Saudi visiting Bahrain or Dubai and you would think they are doing a huge migration over there but in reality they are trying to spend the holidays over there. and No, I don't enjoy pointing out the bad things about my country, but when I see people that want to tell everyone its such a heaven on earth when it's not it fucking ticks me off.

    If marijuana is a big part of your life I highly recommend avoiding the Arabian gulf countries if other options are at hand.

    لا تختلق قصص، الناس ليس أغبياء. تقريبا كل المعلومات متوفر بالإنترنت، لم أرى دواعي على التعليق على الإختلاقات البسيطة.. ألخ​

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    I just watched some videos on youtube about the crazy driving you were talking about. Wow, there is some crazy driving going on there.

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    yo can u hook a bro up?

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    yo can you hook a bro out in saudi jeddah?

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