Safe places to order quality seeds online or purchase in person?

Discussion in 'Colorado Patients' started by MidnightTrain, Apr 26, 2018.


    MidnightTrain Active Member

    I want to start growing from seed and am looking for a place to get them, of the despinsaries I have visited, none of them have had "original" strains like sour d or white widow, etc, all they have are some crazy "wild fire crossed with whatever" strains, which may be good but not what I'm looking for, can anyone suggest a good website i can order from and ship to the us and that actually has quality seeds and actually sends them, or maybe even a Colorado company I can visit in person to get quality seeds from that carry the original favorites? I'm wanting Maui waui, widow (blue and white), lowrider, ak 48, fruity pebbles, sour d, strawberry cough, skunk, original grand daddy purple kush... along with many more, thanks in advance

    mastermind303033 Well-Known Member

    Herbies (UK) is legit. The Dank Team (US Based) is pretty good and takes card. Oregon Elite Seeds (US Based) is good as well; and then theres Seeds Here Now (US Based) which also takes card but I haven't tried that one. There's plenty others but those are safe and legitimate seed companies with friendly customer support and discreet packaging.
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    MidnightTrain Active Member

    Thank you, I've been looking into Oregon elite, also true north seeds, have you ever heard of them?

    mastermind303033 Well-Known Member

    haven't heard of or tried north seeds but oregon elite was definitely a good distributor. They are small though so selection can be limited and they will occasionally sell out of the more high demand strains.
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    Yodaweed Well-Known Member

    house of dankness sells rare dankness seeds. good luck.
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    ky farmer

    ky farmer Well-Known Member

    get your seeds from the country you live in, the good old usa for that's where the best beans come from.
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    Bodyne Well-Known Member

    true dat
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    Old school grower

    Old school grower Member

    I just germed 3 Green Crack fem and one Blueberry fem from Canuk seeds. I purchased them and many others from true north seed bank. No problems great service I'm in Canada though so no borders. Discrete packaging...
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    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    I bought off true north a few times. They are a little pricy.
    Xotic seeds has a store front can get a lot of different seeds there They also do mail order.
    Located in Brampton Ontario.

    I recently bought from the usa from a breeder who has some nice gear...cannaventureseeds….great buying experience.
    Old school grower

    Old school grower Member

    Good to know. Tks
    Old school grower

    Old school grower Member

    Took a look Xotic seeds good prices. But on the Cannaventure website they only have one feminized choice. I'm really don't want any males and I'm not into breeding yet. Lol

    crimsonecho Well-Known Member

    I had success with dinafem so far, discreet, fast and they also sell the seeds of several seedbanks. If you are into classics and not thousand strain crosses, i think you can find something to satisfy your needs.

    HellValley Active Member

    I have used seedsman without any issues. Delivery to the states takes roughly 2 weeks. I always do discreet shipping and no tracking.
    Mr Blamo

    Mr Blamo Well-Known Member

    Are you sure you were on the right site?
    They only have 1 regular seed choice right now which is cookie wreck. All other strains are in fem form..
    Here is a link to the fem seed on cannaventure site..
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    Old school grower

    Old school grower Member

    Sorry your right. The scroll arrows weren't loading. Lol... I like how some say no less than 5 seeds.
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