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Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by Shannon Alexander, Mar 22, 2012.

    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    Strain: Special Queen #1. By Royal Queen Seeds.


    Nutes: Fish Emulsion, Sea Weed, Molasses and Worm Castings.

    Yield: Didn't Weigh It.

    Bag Appeal: 6/10. Covered in Trichomes but it still didn't/doesn't look like anything you'd see offered to you in a bag and you'd think you've just gotta have it.

    Smell: 7/10 A very subtly sweet smell with just a hint of over ripe fruit. (I was not thrilled with the slight overripe fruit smell)

    Taste: 7/10 Also subtle like the smell a little bit sweet but with a little hint of an anise flavour, I couldn't taste any strong Flavours.

    The High: 7/10 I felt it behind my eyes first about 5 minutes after finishing a joint. A little bit of a creeper this strain doesn't have any sort of punch to it but it does set in to a comfortable uplifting high. After about 30 minutes I could feel my body relax, It may have been a direct affect of the high setting in and spreading or an indirect affect caused by my more than relaxed mental state.

    Comments:When I had finished the joint feeling a little disappointed I went about my business thinking I failed as a grower or that maybe the people over at Royal Queen Seeds failed me with the Freebie I got from Attitude, The problem was I didn't notice exactly how high I was, until I found myself repeating things I had already said, explaining things that didn't need to be explained and laughing at my own shitty jokes. A definite mood enhancer and what I would consider a social smoke. She was dried but not cured as I hadn't had any smoke in months, couldn't wait and I've never cured bud before anyway.


    I would say that it's a good gentle uplifting strain for beginner smokers or lightweight smokers such as myself. She burns smoothly and is not cough inducing at all, not even a slight tickle in the back of the throat.
    Boyz N Da Hood

    Boyz N Da Hood Well-Known Member

    I had a sq that stank!! she was dank as hell! Great structure! My homie on another forum had the same experience..
    Maybe you just got a bad pheno.. It's possible cuz the seeds are really cheap but it's worth getting a pack IMO you will find a keeper in there.. Very underrated strain
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    My girl grew about 4 foot tall outside, single cola. What did yours smell like and grow like..? I wasn't having much luck finding anything about the Special Queen on the internet so I don't know what would be normally expected from her... I really enjoyed the smoke tho, I would definitely grow her again

    althor Well-Known Member

    Glad to see some of you got a good pheno. I gave my freebie away to a friend grower who popped it about 2 weeks ago. Its under the lights now so hopefully he gets something worth the time out of it.

    My only experience with them was the Blue Mystic freebie.
    It hermied like HELL on me. Problem was my fault though, I had a massive light leak. As soon as I saw nanners popping all over it I started tracking down the cause and found the light leak. It was so dank looking that I couldnt get rid of it. 3 times a day I went in with tweezers and removed nanners until it finished. Very thick solid buds, over 1.5 oz fit inside one jar and normally I get an ounce per jar. Smells wonderful, taste is decent, buzz is too narcotic for my likes but its also very early in curing so hopefully it matures and becomes abit more rounded out.

    BigJoint7 Active Member

    Royal queen special queen #1 was my first grow, she stunk like a lord and the buds had a very rare taste/smell even after the plant went through hell and didn't yield much! You definitely have got a different pheno.............

    kbhades Member

    thanks for the report, have two in a cab with pistils turning orange. I growed with 40W led and i'm pretty happy with the result for a first grow, real easy

    althor Well-Known Member

    Buddy's is still in veg and absolutely booming. It already smells so strong he has TWO carbon filters hooked up to strain the smell.

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    x2 bro. I had 2 phenos heavy onthe skunk. stinks up peoples whole houses and shit no joke. MY friend went to a party and he was in a room a few rooms away with some in his pocket, people were like who the fuck has that fire
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    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    ya yeild isnt amazing, and as someone else said it can hermie somewhat easy. I use dutchmaster reverse when the light go out twice a week and no hermie problems. Worth $20 for me not to have seeds or have to cut early.

    Honest this is my best strain, just as good as querkle, and it needs nearly no cure to have that strong stuck in your mouth skunk taste.
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    I feel a little disappointed that you other guys and or gals up in here got something that is apparently strikingly different than me from the supposedly same seed stock...
    But also glad to see so much positive feedback on this strain, I was curious about her while growing as I found it near impossible to get any info about her before I popped her fine ass... Thank you all for the replies...

    I'm not sure that I want to try running her again seeing as it doesn't seem likely that I'd get the same plant that I have enjoyed so much...

    kbhades Member

    Shannon at what week this was harvested ?
    Shannon Alexander

    Shannon Alexander Well-Known Member

    KBHades I wish I could tell you what week it was harvested at but I can't because I don't monitor that particular detail...

    I know it started flowering at least a month before everything else...


    I chopped her when the trichomes had just started to golden...

    If I had to hazard a guess as to when exactly that happened I'd say between 10 and 11 weeks from the start of flowering...

    rocknratm Well-Known Member

    my friend ran one outside and it wasnt impressive. Thats probably why IMO

    matte989 New Member

    I have grown these (im fairly amateur), their medium height and very bushy. In soil I averaged 1.5-2.5oz per plant. They are easy to grow and the bud was enjoyed by all who tried it.
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    HashSmoke420 Active Member

    @Shannon Alexander, you need better soil-nutes. I have a few ladies at the moment nearly done. They stink like fuck, especially when light settles in ... All sweet, skunky, like a swamp or something as well? One of the plants smells like a bad toilet when I put the lights on, the smell is very light but penetrating over all.
    I have a few ladies that are perfect hybrids, two others went smaller in size and much denser buds, the size of a small can, IMO! I have one lady that's a one-cola monstrosity, the big bud on the top is like a 500 ml can of beer ... Geez .. And there's the last of the queens which has very small, firm buds, long colas all over her and is in size about twice of one of the small ones. :)
    The trichomes mature almost evenly on every plant, they are these typical very large ones, you can see and distinguish them with a fucking naked eye ... They are about 2 - 3 milimeters in length. O_O
    Some of the ladies aren't as frosty and those have the sweeter smell.

    Last year I had very big troubles with the plants, some of you might call what I had not as significant, but the result was not that bad but neither good, without professional nutes, bad soil, pests.
    This year I have premium soil and nutes mix, I still have the spider mites but they are managed and I can say that this strain is quite stable to be honest, for a perfect 50/50 hybrid. It just requires good care to show good buds. :)
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    Orlando737 Well-Known Member

    Old thread I know, but have 2 now in veg. Very vigorous plant and in LST. Smells like sweet fruit at the moment so am hoping it turns out to be the same pheno that the O.P. got..:weed:

    Herbfarming Member

    Old thread yes got one ready to cut in few days must say for free seed she's awesome I cloned this baby!
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    Orlando737 Well-Known Member

    She's very easy to clone and smells incredible..! Bud sites all over the place, took two clones for my next grow.
    She's a keeper for sure..
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    weedhead24 Well-Known Member

    I think using nutrient rich soil helps a lot
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    Kygiacomo Well-Known Member

    since u have had some time would u rate this smoke? does it have the classic skunk smell and flavor to it?
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