Rosin press question.

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    hey guys looking into making some vape pens to be more discreet around my home. I think the easiest way to do that is to get a rosin press. Don’t need anything too big since I have a small home and it would be just for personal consumption.

    I saw this one

    Anyone have any experience with nugsmasher? Or know of Any other rosin press that would be as simple as this?

    Thanks in advance guys!

    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    I dontt like prebilut anything.

    Harbor freight 20t H frame press (199.00)
    3x5 plates and pid from low temp plates for 350.00.


    BigHornBuds Well-Known Member

    Do Not buy Rosin Press Plates
    They are built in China , n marketed as they where made in the USA .
    Uneven heat, cheap, junk.
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    TIMtoKILL Active Member

    Yes bit how big is that? One of the biggest things that I’m looking for is the ability to put it away some where. Some of the videos I’m watching of the DIY ones are like the size of my patio.

    I own my house so it’s not like I’m worried about my mom finding it but I also don’t need a new centerpiece in my living room if you catch my drift.
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    Well it's big and heavy! Check out the A frame ones. Go to harborfreight site and look around.

    I did the rosin thing for a while. There was/is zero profit from it. I'm not a church or charity, and I dont work to break even.

    You can do an ethanol extract, evap, purge and use that plus a special something to make carts. I use distillate. I make 250+ carts a month
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    I can tell you from experience that the 12 ton HF A-frame isn't durable enough to use 3x5 plates. Use the H-frame, much sturdier. The nugsmasher is a nice unit although I have to say the mini is a bit too small for my needs.
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    TIMtoKILL Active Member

    Have you had any experience with the mini? How much can it press at a time? The link says 1/8 but I know not to trust manufacturers.

    The ethanol extraction seems to mad scientist for me. Want something easy and simple. That’s small enough to put away in a closet or something.

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    No personal experience but I feel the same as DT. While I enjoy dabbing and using concentrates, pressing rosin gets tedious so unless you enjoy smashing individual nugs plan on spending a bit of time making product.
    Making oil using cold wash ethanol is quite simple. This would make it really easy:

    TIMtoKILL Active Member

    do you have a link to a good step by step process of the cold wash ethanol process? Is my end result of that just as good as rosin?

    I’ve seen a buddy press with a straightner before that did look tedious but with a high quality input he got a really nice looking end product. Is quick wash the same way?

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    DemonTrich Well-Known Member

    Ypu dont need a fancy anything to do an etoh wash.

    Tou can get away with the bare essentials.

    Stainless steel stock pot (plastic buckets can crack with this tek)
    Dry ice
    Brown coffee filters
    Bubble bag (I use 2 bags, 1x 160iu, 1x 42iu)
    Ethanol 190 or 200 proof of applicable

    I do etoh washes for crude, then into a short parh distillation setup.

    Buchner funnels, some filtering agents, diaphram pumps all help with the washed etoh getting clean

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