Root Rot, help!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by MASSgreen, Mar 7, 2018.

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    That light brown colour of the roots you can call nute stained. However the black-dark-matter in the middle I feel is definitely not just root stain.

    Did you mention exactly which GH nutrients you are using of theirs? Also as mentioned earlier change those airlines or cover them up.

    If that brown washed away, and comes back quicker or worse tomorrow it's definitely something ...rot, slime, algae?

    I myself had something similar going on after dealing with Brown Slime! (My pictures do not look nearly as bad as yours.) I sanitized EVERYTHING and she looked clean. Then I hit her with the tea and she got a little of that brown gunk (which looks somewhat similar to what you have) BUT that is supposed to happen with the Tea. Plus they LOVED it and roots Exploded! and their all healthy now! :bigjoint:
    >Check out my thread and see if you think it looks similar to what you're dealing with.
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    Sterilize it all mate grow space, feeders, everything.
    Good luck dude
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    Thanks for all the suggestions. Rinsed the roots and they are not mushy or slimy at all. Going to keep it going, will report back later.

    IMG_3285.jpg IMG_3287.jpg IMG_3288.jpg

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    Looking pretty good actually.. Now, for future grows make sure your water level is maintained at the bottom of the net pot so the root ball develops as close as possible to the main stalk. This will eliminate the small number of feeder roots above it. Think a traffic jam being funneled into just a few lanes. Here it creates a nutrient dam. The root ball has ~ 10xs the roots as the feeders above it

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    What a difference a week makes!
    Swapped out GH Floranova for Flora duo. Also, started back on UC Roots and have noticed a huge change in the right direction. Huge change in growth and how much water she's drinking. (the leaf problems are still from the H2O2 burn)
    Thanks for all the advice!

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    Now thats a nice change!!!!!!
    Good job man.
    Happy grow.
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