Root rot.. and or possibly root bound (update w/pictures)

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    Hello all! i have been having slow growth this past week or so (just started flowering on the 1st) and believe im root bound... I haven't checked my PH of my soil/water yet (stuff is coming in the mail to do so), but i dont think thats the problem, im guessing. I planted the seed in her "final" pot to begin with and never transplanted her throughout the grow. Do you think it would be okay to trim the roots, so im not root bound any more, if thats the problem?

    UPDATE**** I think its root rot... i lifted the bottom of my plant and this little guy (see picture) fell off the second i touched him (there were no other roots outside of the pot, just that one) :/ Over all the plant looks really healthy, just a couple of brown spots on a few leaves, but thats it. So im not sure if its root rot, or possible root bound.

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    john wishmyer

    john wishmyer Well-Known Member

    idk would it be okay if i cut out some of my veins?
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    Yeah i see, thanks for the reply!
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    Dabber68 Well-Known Member

    Pot size looks big enough you shouldn't be root bound. IMO Looks like need Cal Mag. Good luck
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    Thank you! Ill give it a shot! :)

    Samblakaka Active Member

    Those roots are super rotted...they should never be brown that like, roots should always be a healthy white color with tons of little hairs or shoots on them ready to explode out...ive experienced enough root problems to know that's definitely root rot based off the picture of that root

    Bernie420 Well-Known Member

    You lifted up your pot and a root was growing out a hole and it broke off? Do I have that right? I dont see a problem with that or your plant. Dont trim off any roots especially in flower unless you really want to shock your plant. Enzymes and microbes will help with root rot if and when you get it. Not root bound. You should be adding microbes anyways, to a soil grow. Not enough general info on the slow growth could be anything

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