Root propogation?

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    itsmeifti Member

    Hi all.
    Firstly big thanks to all for advice and suggestions for last seasons outdoor grow.

    In a moment of inspiration I thought of root propogation, did a bit of googling and it is a thing.

    Anyone tried it with mmj?
    You need the strongest fattest roots? The left over from last season was pretty strong so I cleaned it up and chipped out around 10 to see if they spring out anything when it warms up and light increases.

    Do chime in!!

    Best regards

    GBAUTO Well-Known Member

    Looks like that is geared towards perennials. Cannabis is an annual so I don't think that the roots stay alive over winter.

    itsmeifti Member

    Thanks yes,
    Thought might be worth a punt!
    Guess if it were a thing for mmj more info n people would be doing it.
    Otherwise they'll break down n be used in next seasons conposty mix :)

    itsmeifti Member

    If it does work , by some miraculous chance n the roots being frozen sleep ( been out in the cold cold all winter) you heard it here first!! Haha! We can dream!

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