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    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    It's been a week since your last post... did you straighten it out?

    Chlorine in its most benign form (still poison of course), liquid sodium hypochlorite, is tolerated and even needed by most living things. Our plants can handle quite a bit of it, and it helps keep roots healthy in a hydroponic setup. Typical US city tap water has 2ppm+/-chlorine, which is enough to kill light bacteria. I clean the box with a splash of household bleach. Whatever residue remains after rinsing is all that's needed. I stop using chlorine when I'm two to three weeks away from harvest. My roots smell and taste great!

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    mostly. I added pool shock to my big res but I want to transition to hydroguard. I still need to find a way to get my temps down. I have plenty of a/c, I think I described earlier in the thread, but my res temps are still kinda higher than I'd like. I run 5 gal buckets so a chiller wouldn't work, maybe in the big res, but it's just pre-mix, not plumbed into anything. I am going to scale back and mix smaller amounts, the problem seems to be originating in the big pre-mixed res and becoming a problem in the buckets. I still add a little pool shock right now to help with the newly rooted and moved plants, but when I empty the big res I am going to try a few other options.

    I have changed my pump schedule drastically and even inside a "cold" tent, the pumps must be putting off a lot of heat. I run LEDs in tents with 14k btu inside and 12k btu outside. I have seen where others run temps near 90 and still don't have issues with similar setups. I do have co2 but it is probably wasted because my temps are in the 70s mostly.

    I have tried to figure out the math and just can't, I want to make a stock solution that I can add a little bit of to get close to about 5 ppm until I run my big res empty.

    Yes and no to answer your question, I think I am treating successfully but need to find a better way to prevent, rather than cure.

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    You eat your roots?
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    Father Ramirez

    Father Ramirez Well-Known Member

    I take a bite now and then as a method to gauge health. They should be fresh and crunchy, like any sprout.

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    you're completely serious? and they really taste good?

    VegasWinner Well-Known Member

    I use a screen above my pumps to keep 90% of the roots away from the pumps. I used screens for fry pans to keep grease like these. I take off the handle and it fits in a round bucket. covers a pump nicely

    completenoobie Well-Known Member

    Until root rot caused the roots to basically disintegrate and fall apart I had no problem with roots getting into pumps. It's only now (then, actually, past tense) that there's a problem because the roots are (were) falling off in wads.

    I have since completely purged the problem and am back to normal with healthy roots.

    I don't veg long enough to end up with a massive root ball by harvest.

    @StinkBud says trimming roots is not a problem as well.

    I like the screen idea, just don't need it

    ANC Well-Known Member

    That foamy shit on top is partially made up of exudates the roots excrete to feed and communicate with microbes, It is nice food for your plants outdoors.
    You can make your own quick tea by taking a large tub of water then go pull weeds outdoors, shake off most of the soil and rinse the roots off in the water. You will see the foam start building up almost immediately.

    Check places that sell stuff for aquariums. Or look on e-bay for filter socks. People use them to prefilter water coming into their sump filters. It would be easy to put one on the end of your pipes like a condom.

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