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    Stuff is really good but what were you thinking while you drew the dong?
    Like what was your thinking?
    You could have drawn it all angry and hard with veins and whatnot all over it but you went a very cuckish way. Meaning it looks how I imagine a cucks cock looks. And he is clearly at least wanting to be a supervillion.

    So in a clark kent way who is the person under the outfit.
    Is it someone you knew or is it not that deep and I m reading WAAAY into it.
    Good bye

    robot.logik Well-Known Member

    Had to stop smoking weed. Not going to again until they legalize here and I can get some CBD strains. Although, I might not need it at all anymore.
    @Dr.Amber Trichome I Hope you're alright!!!!!:hug:

    Missed sharing art with you guys. Here are some recent drawings:


    robot.logik Well-Known Member

    Here's what I was drawing when I decided it was time to stop smoking. I wasn't even getting high anymore, just smoking to stop the anxiety. It was becoming increasingly difficult to focus:

    It was hard to stop, but it was necessary. Here's a recent drawing of a blue jay. I think I can keep my mind more focused and hand more steady now, just wish I had more time to draw because I love it. It's all I wanted to do whenever I was high. :) What do you think?

    I went through a period of extreme anxiety after quitting, during which I made this Shahada with gold ink and acrylic paint. It was also time to make some important changes to the way I think about life in general. :peace:

    robot.logik Well-Known Member

    Owl sketch. I hope you love it. :mrgreen:
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