RH range before adding Boveda 62

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Highest Humidity for 1lb curing medicine, before adding your 60g boveda pack?

  1. 100-90%RH

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  2. 90-80% RH

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  3. 80-75% RH

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  4. 75-70% RH

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  5. 70-65% RH

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  6. 65% or lower. I never add the pack until after im out of the danger zone.

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    dr.tomb Well-Known Member

    Just wondering what the highest starting range for RH was before adding Boveda packs for a set it and forget it scenasce.

    Obviously i cant just take 1lb fresh trimmed, plant matter directly off the plant and toss it in a vacuum tight container with the boveda 60g pack and expect no mold to occur. What if its sitting at 80%,75% or 70%?
    Organic Altruism

    Organic Altruism Active Member

    I find that the best time to jar them is to wait until the bud is dry to the touch but the stem can still bend without snapping . Usually this takes 3-5 days of drying depending on how dense the bud is. Once they're at this point, I pick them off the stem and throw them in a curing jar (usually holds about a half lb.) with a Boveda 62%. Never ever had an issue and I always get a nice stinky cure.

    BMWEATER Well-Known Member

    I’ve stopped using Boveda packs till it’s fully cured. They just mess up the smell, not like changing it just reducing it. I jar mine after 6-7 days of hanging in big glass jars. Burp them every other day for 2 months. Then I put the boveda, best results so far.
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    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Use a hygrometer in the jar and keep burping until it reads 64-60%RH then throw one in and burp less like every few days, that tends to work for me, Boveda packs are really for storage but they do help keep RH at 62% which is beautifully inside the special cure zone

    Tiffj Well-Known Member

    Just keep burping till it’s hits around 60%

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