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    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking for awhile now trying to figure out how I'm going to build my grow room. I have a 24 plant max (state law) and I'd like to setup a perpetual harvest based on StinkBud's system. The goal would be to get a pound of dried bud every 3 weeks from 4 plants. I've attached a crude drawing of how the rooms would be setup. The flowering room will share 2 outside basement walls which I'm hoping will help keep everything cooler. I have 8' ceilings so I can let the plants get pretty good sized. My thought was to let the plants spend 3 weeks in the cloner, move them to veg for 6 weeks and then let them flower for 9. The spacing between plants sites in the veg room would be 6" while in the flowering room I would space them at 1'. My thought was to use the topping method to get to the yield I'm looking for. The flowering room would be broken into 2 separate reservoirs so I can flush the 4 plants I'm preparing to harvest. I'm thinking I could veg under a 250W MH and have 3 600W's in the flowering room. For airflow I was thinking about having fresh air come into my basement work room where it can swirl around and cool off a bit before being drawn into the flowering room. From there it would be drawn into the veg room where I would have my carbon filter setup. A fan would pass the air through all of my lights (sealed lights btw) and then back to the outside. I figured this setup would not only cool the incoming air better but also lesson the risk of outside bugs, etc from getting into the grow.

    So a couple questions:
    1. Does this layout really make sense? Is there a fundamental problem in my design?
    2. How long should I let these plants veg to get a yield close to what I'm looking for?
    3. Am I giving each plant a big enough footprint to get the yield I need?
    4. What kind of ventilation will I need to adequately turn the air over for the plants?

    Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. I've done a ton of reading and I'm to the point that I'd like some input on my build before I go make the investment and completely botch something. Thanks for the help!

    Grow Room.jpg
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    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    Use LEDs. You'll need massive air conditioning using 1800w of Hps in that small of a room.
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    Keesje Well-Known Member

    I don't think that 3 x 600 watts is too much for a room 6 x 8 feet.
    That is 1.83 x 2.44 meter = 4.46 M²
    4.46 divided by 3 = 1.49 M² per 600 Watt's, or 16 square feet per 600 Watt.

    Plenty of people I know who do it this way.
    I even used 4 x 600 watt in a tent of 2 x 2 meter. It did become hot, but still managable. Could not run it during hot summers.

    Having 4 x 600 watt in a tent or room of 2.40 x 2.40 (8' x 8') is standard and the norm.
    So I don't see the problem, and there is no AC needed.
    Perhaps if you live in Las Vegas.

    LED would be great as well in this room, also because you could spread your light more evenly.
    But it will be more expensive to build.
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    JohnDee Well-Known Member

    It's too much for me to analize your space for you. I'm busy developing my own space. Sorry. But I will throw a few ideas at you from an old school perspective.

    There's the 4 square foot per plant rule. And that's sort of minimum.

    I always eval. light intensity by watts per square foot. You're actually OK there though you could even go up with lights.

    It's common for experienced growers to use a 1000 watt for a 4x4 ebb and flow tray. That's 62.5 w/sf

    I grew on 3x3 trays with 400 that's 44.4 w/sf which should be considered a minimum. I should have used a 600.

    Will you have room in the veg room for your clone mommas?

    You going to use same strain all the time? You may want to have multiple clone mothers.

    OK...said my piece.
    Good luck,
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    Keesje Well-Known Member

    I do not really get the build and it is a bit to complicated for me.
    But moving plants that have vegged for 6 weeks to another room.... I would think it will not be easy with all risks of damaging them.
    I mean, after 3 weeks in a cloner and 6 weeks they will be huge.

    Furthermore I think that the air that goes from the flowering room to the vegging room will perhaps not have enough CO2 anymore. Also it will be humid air. Not saying that it will all do much harm, but it something to take in consideration.

    I think you should first get your system right, and then focus on the yield.
    It sounds perhaps silly, but what I mean is, try it out first on a small scale.

    - I guess you take your clones from the still vegging plants, like StinkBud does?
    So no need for motherplants.
    - A pound per 16 or 24 sf is always possible, with 1 plant or with 25 plants.
    - There are debates if flushing is really neccessary and if it actually works. Commercials growers who grow herbs, vegetables and such, never flush.
    - I think if you want more answers, you have to explain better what your plans are. Your piece is not really easy to understand.
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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    You're getting in way over your head, for a first-time grower. This is a very advanced method of growing, and it's a challenge for even advanced growers to keep up with such a robust, perpetual grow. Not only that, but it will take so much of your time. Harvesting (cutting & drying, trimming, and curing), by itself can take days. My last grow that yielded 16oz took almost two complete days of trimming.

    Start off with something small, like four plants in a 4x4 space, for example. You are going to be overwhelmed learning everything between seed to smoke. It's a hell of a lot of work growing, but it does get easier with practice. Growing too much now will have you swamped with correcting problems that could effect all your plants, and it's going to take away from learning how to grow high-quality bud, as efficiently as possible.

    Not to mention the cost in both equipment, and water and power. It costs a measurable amount of paid resources to grow weed inside.

    Just trying to save you a little heartbreak.

    BFurn New Member

    Sorry for not responding quicker guys, my email updates weren't coming through and I thought nobody was responding. I'm thinking to start maybe I'll do a small system with 4 plants and take them through start to finish. That will let me dial everything in and get a feel for the best way to proceed with a ramped up version. I've been going back and forth between the NFT system like Stinkbud and doing a RDWC system. My thought is moving the plants would be easier with the RDWC due to the fact that I could take the entire lid and net pot out of one bucket and transfer it to another.

    Let me know what's confusing about the build and I'll try to explain better or correct a possible issue. Thanks for all the advice guys!

    GoatSoup Well-Known Member

    I am running a Stinkbud-ish system now and think if you start with two plants and shift them every four weeks you will get some experience and perfect your cloning. I'm shifting to Autos to speed things up, but may shift things back to clones next fall.
    I have run eight Super Lemon Haze in one tub, no training, but LST/HST SCROGG is more productive for my small space.
    In Cali I have a six plant maximum so I'm working 3X2 plant rotation. If the auto's work out like my Tangerine Dream I may just use one plant in each round. TD is supposed to be 7-9 weeks so I may be able to shorten the stage times. In six weeks, from seed, I have 2'X2' net filled with over 20 buds in flower but she may put out some more. Of course I'm only running ~250 watts LED as I don't have the room for more.

    One key point to fix first is leak containment. I fixed that by putting my tubs in a bathtub and a good thing too as one of my tubs leaked itself dry (~20 gal) !
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    vostok Well-Known Member

    what ever you decide..keep it open

    so you can change stuff around with glee and imagination

    So a couple questions:
    1. Does this layout really make sense? Is there a fundamental problem in my design?

    Average is a bud room is 75% larger than the veg room

    2. How long should I let these plants veg to get a yield close to what I'm looking for?

    about a month ...see stinky bud for more

    3. Am I giving each plant a big enough footprint to get the yield I need?

    see above Keep it open architecture

    4. What kind of ventilation will I need to adequately turn the air over for the plants?

    what kind of Heat??? depends on the lights used led use a lot less heat
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    JSB99 Well-Known Member

    Both systems will grow about the same, so it's really just personal preference. I've always loved RDWC! Check out my RDWC Grow Room link below, if you'd like to see how I put mine together (lots of pics).

    As far as ease of moving plants, it's kind of an afterthought with hydro, IMHO. Roots get really massive, and I don't know if moving them around is all that great for them. But really, if you're going to try and move them, to provide some light to a dim area, the better solution is to choose the proper size light(s) to evenly cover your footprint. Also, you'll probably end up using a net to support the branches, and/or scrog, which won't allow you to move them around. If you don't have a light powerful enough to cover the footprint, you can scrog and grow your branches towards the center, where the light's the most intense. I'd probably scoot my plants towards the corners, once they start to hit the net, and then train the branches to grow from the corners, inwards. But that takes a little experience, something I'm not even sure I have for something like that.

    This was me brainstorming, thumbs moving at light speed on my tablet, after vaping a respectable amount of White Widow LOL!

    Good stuff :bigjoint:

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