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    Trying to setup my dtw system. I have a 100l res with 70l of plain tap water but the ph is riseing by around .2-.3 per day. I’m trying to get it stable before I add nutes and start useing he system.

    I refrained from putting air stones and have a mj500 that runs for 5 mins 3 times a day just to stir it up.
    I had it running full time and oh went from 6-7.3 in 3/4 days

    Could this just be because it’s tape water and won’t ever be right? Or is it because there are no nutes to keep it stable?

    Finishing off my last soil run before going coco so need this stable before I crack any new beans.

    Any suggestions?
    Cheers guys
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    AuBadge1951 Member

    I know this is a few months old, but anyway...add nutrients, etc. to your water and THEN check/adjust the Ph. For coco, 5.8 is a good number to adjust Ph to. My Ph drifts up gradually over time, so I make sure to check it each day and adjust if it threatens to drift out of range (5.5-6.1).

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