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I would like to request that there be a special section added that is dedicated to discussions about photoperiod marijuana, specifically. There already is a section for auto flowering plants, specifically. The purpose of having a specific photoperiod section would be the same purpose for having a specific auto flower section -to avoid confusing the two. They are completely different species of plants, after all, and they grow completely differently from each other. Advice given out for one, won't work for the other. I always assumed that was why there was a specific auto flower section to begin with.
People who are unaware will post all kinds of subjects in the General section. That happens all the time and will continue to happen. The General section is like the foyer of a building where people first enter and are looking around to see what's what. But it's a better idea to put things in their places and it's also good to have specific places to go -especially for auto flowers vs photoperiod flowers subjects, because it's not an "either/or" issue when it comes to giving out advice in regards to these two things. They are very separate and distinctive species of plants that can't be generalized, together, in a lump.

I could volunteer to be a moderator and steer people to one section or the other if need be....but I think it would be a good idea to have a photoperiod section for these reasons, regardless.

Thank you for your attention.


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"In summary, reconciling the vernacular and formal nomenclatures: “Sativa” is really indica, “Indica” is actually afghanica, and “Ruderalis” is usually sativa. All three are varieties of one species, C. sativa L."

The husbandry is close enough to allow generalization within the subspecies. So I don't really see a need for a separate photoperiod section. But that's not up to me. Just my opinion.


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No, we have ceased making sub threads as they dont get used (you can go back and see this has been the same response in here for a while now) , people get mad when their posts get moved to dead subthreads as they dont get help as they aren't visible/high traffic

too many subthreads make the forum style confusing for users.

Additionally the majority of people who use forums now a days dont remember old style forums they prefer a reddit format on how its posted, which is why you will see the majority of discussions in general or newbie.

We talked about this earlier in PM when we discussed your deleted post

Additionally you need to have a good standing account to become a mod.
thanks for your request if we choose to add subthreads again we'll let people know
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