Relevant Equations for HPAA


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As I get closer to actually building a system, I am working on putting together relevant equations.

The simple calculations were just a matter of per cycle/hour/day/week/month)

I am actually pretty deep in the rabbit hole on the relevant math for accumulators. Some of the equations I am finding neglect atmospheric pressure (maybe because they are specifically dealing with airplanes or high pressure [3000 psi] systems), and I am beginning to believe I won't be able to be able to get accurate specs for an accumulator without buying one and actually taking a bunch of measurements.

Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe the issue is we need to know how the air bladder is going to react/size at the given pressures, so we can only use generic multipliers?

The math I am curious about but not at all sure where to begin with is the equations for calculating what volume we want to be spraying into the root zone (presumably based first on the size of the root chamber and second on the number/stage of the plants). It seems like droplet size would have to be a determining variable (presumably for how often we want to be spraying and how much we want to be spraying).

Obviously, since we can't even measure our droplet sizes, there is going to be a lot of adjustment necessary once the system is actually growing; but seems like there must be some math to sort out about how many nozzles and what kind of spray rate/cycle we want, no?


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