Red Spots On Leaves And Leaf Tips Curling upwards


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Title Says it all im running an autoflower which is 5 weeks flower thursday worrying also that its behind because of previous stresss such as nitrogen toxicity and ph problems that i believe to be now fixed i only think its behind because buds are still small and havent fatted up but anyways the red spots i see it on some of my leaves im thinking maybe potassium deficiency but im not sure i iwill add pics below!


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If your using a complete A + B nutrient then find the correct PPM to feed, then PH.
Chasing an individual deficiency is a waste of time.
If your feeding correctly then you wont get a deficiency


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i have to buy a ppm meter this week if anyone could drop a link that would be nice and appreciated. ph run off is 5.4 my ph in water is 6.3-6.8 i stay on the 6.3-6.5 side though
Yup, that will do it. Your soil PH is too low and could potentially be locking out cal/mag
Add alittle dolomite lime to the top (mix it into the soil next time)