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    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Is that Ponderosa you're talking about? (Second hand leftovers)

    orangeade5 Well-Known Member

    Even the "good" herb you find at places like trumed is leafy as fuck, who the hell trims this shit?

    Parsley85 Well-Known Member

    Yeah its bad. I just got my medical card a couple weeks ago. The first night, I was in total bliss, no pain, zero. Slept like a baby.

    Within a couple days, and I don't think its tolerance after such a short time of use. I just can't get stoned at all now. I just have to blame this leafy low quality stuff. I would almost take brick weed over the stuff the dispensary here is selling.

    orangeade5 Well-Known Member

    Well, at least the secret cup is this weekend! :weed:

    nickpapageorgio New Member

    haha yup I love it here in Yuma ;)

    bummer experience. can't say I've had the same in the Phx metro area.

    Parsley85 Well-Known Member

    Looks like that might be how I am going to have to do it. Make the 189 mile drive to Phoenix once a month for my medicine.

    nickpapageorgio New Member

    this Saturday will see both the phx and Glendale markets. from the sounds of it, you'll most likely find something better than what you are getting from your dispensary from either, and cheaper than the metro-area dispensaries. as mentioned I haven't been to phx in several months. I have Glendale not too long ago though, and there is a vendor that only grows for bearded guy and the Glendale market who has arguably the best quality there

    kronikcandy421 New Member

    I am unfortunately on a very tight budget, I usually have to go with premium and the marked down specials. However, for the most part I'm fine with that, I look around for the best deal among the three I like. I personally like Herbal wellness Center, they had this strain one time I really liked called Space Cough. I thought it was really good. I also like Arizona Organix, the first dispensary that opened in Arizona, I got some Platinum Kush, one of my favorites. I really like Horizon THC by Metro Center. I got some Green Crack, an old time favorite and some Blueberry Skunk, crazy good. Horizon THC is the most convenient for me, but every time I go I'm always satisfied. The prices are a little high but they always have descent specials. I've been to Urban Green House, I got some Cheesequake, that was really bomb.I went to Nature's AZ Medicines, they probably had the largest variety of flower than any other dispensary. It's right by Urban Green House. I got some Dr Who and Moby Dick from there, fire. I went to AZ Natural Selections I really didn't care for at all. The bud tender was very slow mad mistakes, I'm surprised I made it out of there with what I requested. They had cool new patient goodies. I got a gram of the strain that was on special called Chernobyl, I had no idea what this meant right. I get home and showed my boyfriend and he was like are you serious? Why would they call a strain that? It was a disaster in a Russian town called Chernobyl, where there was a nuclear meltdown. Really? Why would you name a strain after that. I open it up and smoke it and that is the only medical I've gotten from a dispensary that I didn't like. I mean seriously, I've had street shwag better than that. I agree about the smell, I only got the one kind, I figured just that strain, but it sounds like it's all their bud. Don't go to that one! My favorite one was Cannabis Kulture, they unfortunately got raided back in July. I was pretty loyal to them all the way up until then. They had low prices, included the tax in the price, so my ten dollar gram was ten dollars. I was always happy with the quality they just didn't have much of a variety.

    greywind Well-Known Member

    If you are on a budget, I would recommend Swell Farmacy. They have at least one strain a day, often two or three, that are $10 a gram out the door, along with an early bird and afternoon special with $30 eighths. They are cultivating most of their own buds now and the quality is above average. The only place you listed that I would consider better in quality is Herbal Wellness center, but they sell at old school, black market prices. $20 a gram?!? Get the fuck out of here with that shit!!!

    I haven't been to Horizon THC, but my experiences at AZ Organix, Urban Green House, Nature's AZ Meds, and AZ Natural Selections were subpar with regards to meds. Everything from lack of smell, lack of potency, unflushed flowers, and seeds. So many seeds! Not to mention that not a single dispensary I have been to knows what curing cannabis is. Check the harvest date on your next dispensary label. Chances are it was cut down about a week ago, two weeks if you're lucky. Just enough time to dry and manicure.

    I have grown my own, and continue to advocate that route for anyone wanting to enjoy meds grown right. Dispensaries are money grabbing monopolies, not the least bit compassionate towards the needs of the many patients in AZ. But I hope you find what you are looking for.

    And I'm not trying to be condescending, but you must be a little new to the world of cannabis, right? Because Chernobyl is a well known genetic line created by a well known breeder. Subcool of TGA Genetics has his reputation, but a cannabis cultivar name is just a name...There is an amazing pheno found in the Chernobyl genetics that is called The Golden Ticket, or Slimer. Good stuff! Sorry the flower you got was not to your liking, but Chernobyl can be pretty awesome. Cheers!

    kronikcandy421 New Member

    For a new patient, I'd recommend The Green House off of 81st ave and Union Hills. Their new patient special is buy an eighth get an eighth free. That's currently the best new patient special.

    kronikcandy421 New Member

    I wouldn't say I'm new to cannabis I've been smoking for 22 years. When it comes to growing, I really don't know much about that. I don't know much about the different strains, breeding and all that. In that way I'm new to it. I always just smoked my shwag and was good with that, still am I can't make medical last me all month. I'm having a blast learning everything though. The 2nd was my brithday, I went around to all of the dispensaries and got 11 grams of free birthday pot!! I like free

    kronikcandy421 New Member

    I found a new dispensary yesterday. It's called AZ Natural Remedies. It's located on 23rd ave just off of Deer Valley. It's a small shop. It's just like Cannabis Kulture was. Tax is included with the price, so the ten dollar grams are actually ten dollars. They are smaller and have less strains available. I loved it though. I got two grams of True Dream and LSD. Then, got a free pre roll of sweet cream. First time patients got 10 percent off. I got four grams and a pre roll for $36. That's a killer deal!
    Jennifer Lung

    Jennifer Lung New Member

    Hey guys, i want to recommend this wonderful dispensary i came across a few weeks ago. I have had many bad experiences in the past buying weed online on till i meet these guys (

    I even made a YouTube video since with my guys we where very happy and surprised. these guys really are the real deal. Top grade marijuana strains and good delivery services? i have not seen such a dispensary online for a long time and just wanted to give them some credit. peace man and please comment in my YouTube video if you order from them.

    Youtube Link:

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    GeeTee Well-Known Member

    I'm coming to visit az and work for a few months is there any way I can get a Med card or maybe something temporary?

    mjt1265 New Member

    Ive only been to a few dispensaries here in AZ. First off stay away from harvest of tempe for flower! I do get vape cartridges from there as its close to work and thats what I use at work.
    The best luck Ive had for flower was probably Sunflower meds, I grabbed some green crack (hate that name) that was pretty good. Had some nice dense buds, good aroma, nice flavor and burned nice and slow. Not harsh no chemical taste etc.
    All in all the dispensaries here in AZ are a joke though. Just try their free pre-rolls they give to first time patients and you'll see what I mean. They label dirt weed with a high end strain just to move it off the shelf because unfortunately there are a lot of older/newer patients here that don't know any better. Sad actually.

    3p527+157mon New Member

    Thinking this guy might be trying to throw others off the trail, in a Greenland-Iceland sort of fashion, I decided to check them out, and I have to second this advice.

    I got some Platinum GSC and Verde Electric. Both looked great, super frosty and very dense, but when I smoked it, it tore my lungs and throat up. Chernobyl, WiFi and Cochise Kush produced similar degrees of throat-shred for me in the past. I think these nugs may have been sealed into the packages before they were below 15% water content all the way through, leading to an overgrowth of anaerobic bacteria or yeast once the O2 ran out.

    oteymut Member

    I'll recommend Desert Bloom for some nice Platinum GSC nugs I got recently. I've bought a lot of "Girl Scout Cookies" from various dispensaries but never really had that eureka moment where I was sure what I had was a nug from an elite. Then I stumbled into some Platinum GSC from Desert Bloom. The nugs were dark and covered in gold dust so I knew it had potential. I took a couple of bong rips and it was good, but it wasn't until I packed a glass pipe and went for a short hike that I had that eureka moment. When I got to the top of my small summit, I pulled the pipe out of my cargo shorts and toasted the greens off it. After a few minutes I held the pipe up to take a second toke and SHAZAAM, I caught a wiff of the half-roasted bowl and it smelled EXACTLY like the inside of some kind of cookie. That smell removed any doubt from my mind that what I had was exactly what it claimed to be. Thanks Desert Bloom.

    jlpottna Member

    Swell Farmacy. Its deli style and so fresh. They have a different strain on special and it's always packed in there. The pre roll deal is great too.

    dannyboy602 Well-Known Member

    im so bummed prop 205 didn't fly. but it will be good for all the not so legal growers. thoughts?

    Trichometry101 Active Member

    I've tried every dispensary in the east valley, and several elsewhere. They all suck hardcore. No terps. No flavor. No resin Weak. Fake terps, pm, budrot, unflushed, sprays, 6-7wk no veg, haybale dry. Its like a lottery, they make it as hard as possible to pick a smokable bud.

    Az peeps don't really know weed I guess. They need to go learn what neem, eagle20, rotted raw milk, sulfur, Powdery Mildew, chlorophyll, and all the sweeteners and chemicals at the grow shop smell like, because its mostly what I smell. Find something you like, then next week its nasty unflushed premature bammer. All these places sell each other's buds, which is weird because grow rights are so rare and the dispensaries who have them have zero restrictions themselves...

    These reviews are all old but Im certain every dispensary has went downhill not up

    Trumed: airy leafy flavorless larf og buds, bagseed Sativas with scent additives, or a smell that instantly reminded me of buying brick as a kid. All top shelf high price. And every time I try to get sour diesel it smells like peanuts...

    Bloom: Speed dried de-triched meds that look nice but are weak, smell and taste like nothing.

    HWC: Bud all smelled/tasted like the same citrus sweetener bullshit.

    Oasis: PR was dank in the bad way. Like a dirty res. Top shelf was poorly dried commercially grown but good genetics.

    Health4Life: Nasty citrus/berry sweeteners, low end mids at high prices.

    Reef: Decent uncured mids at cured prices, low end dirty neem buds at mid prices.

    PARC: Good mids, then shitty grape-scented fertilizer bud, then a mix of great bud and brown shwagg, I dunno wtf is going on over their but the good stuff tasted like Cali and the next week its brown OG.

    Nature's AZ: Home of haybails, artificially flavored buds, dirty Botanicare and AN buds, and hidden gems mixed in because the employees don't know quality from tainted crap.

    Monarch: Probably the best quality I got from a licensed dispensary, but for the $ Ive never been back.

    Emerald: Overpriced mids, smell/tastless so not medical grade at all. I dont want thc and plant matter, I want the full Cannabis experience.

    Im beginning to realize by this point. Dispensary weed is not what I expected for medical grade. Its much much much worse. Its the stuff I've seen given away and tossed in the trash before..

    Kind: Legit buds covered in mold/sprays and mishandled. Took 2 weeks for buds to be smokable. Went back for more and the same exact stuff still took 2-3 weeks.. Like I can dry and cure bud at home, but the dispensaries cant harvest and store their bud right?

    Nova: Crappy but potent dust buds at mid price, no smell/flavor/uniqueness. Narcotic in a bad way, on suggested morning Sativas. I think I hate indoor weed. At least bad light spectrums.

    Good: Fake cheese buds (mold spray?), and generic saltwater tasting kush buds. Pretty sure its a milk based mold tactic bringing the cheese smell that showed up all over the valley last year or so. Who knows what concoction is bringing the salty taste.Neem and AN nutes probably. It used to be fun to guess. Not anymore.

    Metro: each strain had a unique smell with a strong artificial note. Each one burnt the throat and tasted very bad. We call this fake weed where I come from. Its funny because sometimes these dispensaries get lavender and vanilla etc mixed up.

    Mint: Nasty plastic tasting bud. I think it's botanicare. Not positive since i dont go to the grow shops. I used to get awesome weed that tasted like edible plastic. This is not that type of plastic. This is smoking a toothpaste tube.

    Urban: First time I ever got sick from budrot. Sucks cuz the weed would have been legit if it wasn't burning my eyes with mold.

    GrowingTree: Wow, the bloated "old school hydro" buds were some of the weakest Ive ran across. And smelled like nothing Cannabis except for barely detectable notes on the Blowfish. How can buds look so cool, but contain 99.999% AIR?

    GreenwayAnalytical: Best buds once, then they started using that bottled sweetener bs that ruins everything Im after, and contaminates the bud with sugar (using those stupid fake sweeteners is no different than spraying with mountain dew, Ive seen and tasted the stuff oozing out of buds after it inflammes them, right before it crystallizes into fake trichs! Those products are for looks fake smells and weight. Not cannabinoids terps and yield, no its Sugar crystals, ester additives adding smell and weight)

    Sunflower: Decent commercial buds if they could get away from the PM (and the nasty sprays used to hide it). Oh and they had that nasty fake Thai, Botanicare Sweet Citrus bullshit, NASTY. That stuff coats lungs in burnt shit, even from a vape. Just grow clean meds. and dry them right. No one wants to smoke "enhancer" products!

    Desert Rose: Nasty buds top to bottom when they opened.. How can peeps not smell and taste that nasty unflushed fake smell shit! And the chlorophyll, we can't forget about the haybud.

    Nature's Wonder: Nasty unflushed buds, poorly cured buds. Again, why is this place selling 4 differ dispensaries bud? Can't they at least label the grower? I got good weed here once but who knows where it was grown. Goddamm this law sucks!

    Swell: Plane assed boring hydroponic at bad prices. Bait and switch on some milk weed. Dont you love being shown one nug off a clean top and being sold moldy something else. oh its the same strain name tho! Whiles others are worried about a seed that's going to magically bump their stash down from private reserved to midgrade, Im trying to avoid bud sprayed with lactose! You know, that shit some people are allergic to?

    Harvest: Very scraggly buds with identical fake smells (Floralicious? Who knows. Smells like lavender colored plastic, in a bad way) and very neem smells. Most embarrassing dispensary I have walked into.

    SWC: Another shocker on quality. Identical nute smell most strains (thats not a terp guys, its bloom booster!) and some poorly cared for dirty tasting $12 bagsees regs sold as ECSD. If you can pass this off as medicine in AZ its no surprise the fakerstates and moldenhuts scattered around have no problem surviving.

    LevelUp: Before they changed their name, they sucked. Salty pickle tasting buds. Plastic botanicare buds. And speed dried midgrade on the top shelf. KIND concentrates.. Why is Keef Cola a better product in Colorado?

    ArizonaCannabisSociety: Fake lemon buds, they tried to flush it out like you can with molasses but it already stripped the naturals out and put the nasty fake in. Generic fake cheese buds. Like Az bud doesn't have caryophalene or pinene, but it has cheese terps..SURE.. I feel sorry for novices who think they are getting the full Cannabis experience in AZ. Same with the fake tropical smells. No bud around that even matches the smell/taste of good reggie I smoked, but a strong artificial lemon rind smell and bitter taste on half the strains. Yeah ok. Potency good but how can anyone take more than one hit of some Cannabis that doesn't taste like should be going into your body?

    Plenty of others but you get the point. The weed in Az dispensaries is BAD on so many levels... First 90s weed wasn't as good as dad's today's seedbank weed isn't as good as 90s clone weed. Then AZs environment doesn't match popular strains. Then the dispensaries snatched up all the grow rights hire a bunch of kids and grow by far the worst weed Ive ever smoked, and sell it to smokers with zero standards.

    And hide all their "non-profits" in management expenses. Meaning the foreign "management firms" essentially make the decision about Cannabis quality in Arizona. Who wrote this law? HMMM...

    I feel they are all work in together behind the scenes to keep the standards low, ultimately holding the market for producers like Marlborough to step in with their atrocious production methods. In other words, Medical marijuana in Arizona is essentially the testing grounds and corporate handover of Cannabis happening right before your eyes. Where marketability is no longer based on the quality of a farmers relationship with his soil, but the size of the solvent tank washing mixed batches of trim and infusing an artificial terp blend into the extracted reclaim.

    I say Marlborough jokingly, its actually Bayer-Monsanto/MiracleGro/Botanicare/GH/Gavita who is taking the market. Been going on since the sensi trend got pushed by the seed hoarders. Same people who pushed feminized. But that's an entire different story.. Or is it?
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