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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by ¥GrimmReaper¥, Jan 14, 2016.


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    ¥GrimmReaper¥ Member

    Again read up on my posts.... 400w is for new growers the 600s are not part of this... so will post on the 2x400s only till flowering then my big bitches come out to play... so two threads in one lol.... all the gear is 2nd hand from others hence to poor mans grow with the cheapest i could find... so worked it all out... for the room it was $40 for the wood $20 for delivery
    2x400 $75 coco coil x20 at $1 for 10lt bag x 20 =$20
    Black & white was 50meters for $42
    Heater was free from friend pots easy to find for less then $2 a pot from any garden centre if you know the right people could get them for free as most centres dont keep them. Nut was $7 for 10lt of Tomoright(Organic)
    1x 5in Rhion fan $32
    1x small air fan $11
    So really buy saving up a lil you could have a room that good for as much as 30 an you dont need to add more if your sticking to say 10 plants under 2x400.
    I must say watch your Ph levels always as things change when you dont need it to.. and from me NEVER USE CALMAG NEVER EVER NEVER... its way to much for any plant WAY TO MUCH... grows can be dont on next to nothing...all theae shops making new stuff is just to take more money from you.. keep it cheap an they will give you what you need(plants i mean) this is my 6th grow an never change the way i do it an always get great yeild everytime.

    ¥GrimmReaper¥ Member

    Just a quick pic..

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    WhatDoYouWantFromLife Well-Known Member

    I thought there would be string , duct tape, rubber band powered fan , and some glow sticks for lights. You seem to have a better start than a lot of others I've seen. Good luck.
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    The303Yeti Well-Known Member

    IMG_20160318_132544.jpg I chained a board to a skylight.:joint::joint:
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    Joegrowsalot Member

    A cheep humidifier :
    A four inch pipe capped at one end and a small aquarium pump and a cheepie stone and some airline and a computer fan and some kind of power Supply .
    With a fan controller I can control my humidity -/+ 5 %
    The length of your pipe dictates how often you have to fill it

    jakkoutthebxx Active Member

    What material is that made of how much was it ? How much was the lighting ?

    jakkoutthebxx Active Member

    Suite !!!

    oteymut Member

    LMAO the bow in the middle of the board looks like it's going to give any day now
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    String? Check

    Duct tape? Not yet but "a few" ty-raps have been used.

    Lights? 5m blurple SMD 5050 strip set on a 20x25cm plate

    Fan? That's the cheap (effectively free) electric fan heater I use to keep temperatures vaguely stable.

    I reckon I'm going cheaper, but just for one plant, think my outlay was €5 seed, €5 for a 4.5l pot premixed with compost and perlite, €12 for the LED strip, 12v power supply came free because it was an old PC power supply, metal for the backplate for the LED strip was an old PC side panel, cables used were lying around here, same with the time switch I use. Grow room is my utility room, which is ventilated thanks to the the need for fresh air for things like the gas water heater.

    That panel is above an Autobomb autoflower, see pic which was taken at the end of last month. Plant is considerably taller now, like 3 times the height (I should have topped it), more side branches there, think she's heading for flower soon even though I'm still having to lift the panel twice a day because of growth. So, for that one plant, I'm sitting at needing to get 5g to, effectively, make a profit on my outlay compared to buying "street" including the electricity use.

    That's "project 1". Project 2 will involve a panel using 10m of strip, 5m blurple and 5m 3000K SMD5730 warm white, powered from a 360W power supply. Cost of these bits is around €40 from China which will be used on the photo Acapulco Gold (second pic) which is currently under a de-globed 6000K 14.2W E27 replacement bulb and, well, I can't fault the growth on that as she's not stretching upwards but is definitely growing wide at a rate of around 2cm per day with around half a centimetre vertical growth in the last 2 days. Once the "new" panel is up and running, the "old" one will be used for younger plants

    This is the first time I've taken growing weed seriously, I'm learning a hell of a lot as I go along but am taking "baby steps" by not diving straight into LST and so on, as well as staggering the growth of only two plants at a time. I can't work any more, so this gives me something to keep me occupied and, eventually, I'll get it right, but keeping the costs down is my priority. And, of course, I'm vaguely staying on the legal side of things here in Belgium as they won't bother you if you have one feminised plant. Ok, I have two going at a time, but when we add in the medical reasons and "personal use only" then the chances of anyone giving a crap about me, if they ever find out, is minimal. 20 plants, that's different, you don't get away with that here...

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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member


    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Old thread.

    I don't believe the op built a room including 2 400 watt lights for 200 bucks. The way it read he built the room and 2 400 watt and 2 or 4 600 watt lights. No way that can be done for 200 bucks.

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    As he said, cheapest wood, etc, possible, two second hand 400w lights, yeah, could be done and you could do it for less if you knew a local electrician's firm who may have been ripping out old HID lights (you can get the lights free then). As he said, the 600w lights weren't included in that price.

    And, yeah, it's an old thread but it still has some interesting info in it. I know I could build a decent grow box just with stuff I have lying in the house, never mind "reclaiming" wood or whatever. All depends on your own skills and abilities.
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    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    Yea. I know. I'm a structural engineer by trade. I build everything myself. Yea if using reclaimed wood.

    I still don't believe the guy did it for 200 and then goes on to say that part of the setup isn't included in the price. Its disingenuous.

    Realistic 400-500 for a cheap mans grow.
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    John Levy

    John Levy Member

    I have also grown a marijuana plant in my back yard and i am happy that it grown so well, but from the past few days i have seen some yellowish colour on some leaves. i am really worried actually i was planning to decorate it on Christmas. f575929e765206a4ed8fd1c31a14889a--xmas-trees-weed.jpg

    Can u suggest something?
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    A little yellowing is normal at this time.

    Some tinsel?
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    BudmanTX Well-Known Member

    i'm thinking decorations, maybe some lights, and throw in the tensil....and your good
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    John Levy

    John Levy Member

    I shifted the plant under the shades i think because of too much sunlight the leafs getting pales. also i started spraying water on Marijuana Plant 3 times a day and also changed the soil beneath it. and now i believe that they again get greener. 105656889 (1).jpg

    Twisteduptreefrog Member

    20180124_162637.jpg Actually, I thought my room was cheap but you guys are working with nothing. I wrapped the room in foil and duct tape maybe - 30 bucks. Shelf was free. Tables were 5 bucks each. I watched craigslist like a fucking creeper seeing what sold and what price dropped. I picked up 2 1000 watt xtrasun ballast and 2 raptor 8s plus the 8in inline fan for 300 bucks. Dude went crazy with a income tax return then needed the money later in the year. 3 months i watched them before the price dropped enough to justify spending. The window unit was already there but i picked up another one, just incase for 40 bucks. Its still a work in progress. Its a sealed room so i still need co2. I have the ducting and exhast but havent wanted to crawl in the attic to set up the mounts to hang it. I need a 39" filter and havent wanted to spend the money yet since im still in veg. I want my 2 girls in the 27 gal huge and the clones will be in 5 gal buckets
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    Zephyrs Member

    Ok y'all this is really a poor man's grow.
    Led light $30
    Small fan $10
    3 white widow beans $free
    1 gas mask clone$10
    Soil, nutes, pot, maybe $15 worth
    String, wood, eye hooks $5
    What will final yeild be? Not sure, but sure as hell better than nothing!! IMG_20180218_133113.jpg IMG_20180218_132940.jpg

    Gagetowndog Member

    Here is another tip to save a few bucks. I have made a lot of clones and seed plants for years. I figured out that I was paying 4.00 bucks for a handful of plastic plant marker sticks every month, sooo I went to the local Walmart and bought and bought me a set of plastic blinds, they were $4.50 but I got them for a buck because they were bent up. Even at $4.50 they would have saved me 95%. I just cut them to size,can't really do that with the plastic stick things you buy. And now for a buck I have a ten year supply.
    No more buying sticks, no more driving to and from the store,no more markers that are too short or too long. 100_9648.JPG

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