Real GG#4???

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    I have to say, this is an amazing thread! Everyone's glues look fantastic, even the s1's, x's and "unconfirmed" cuts.

    I have the real deal, luckily had it sent here to brighten up the World a little bit in Eastern Kentucky (we always need that!) from a highly reputable member of ICmag.

    I started reading on this thread a month or so back, got distracted with life...and my current grow. But tonight I read from page one through the end. Out of 21 clones, 6 of my plants are gg4's. They definitely all had crazy twisting in the leaves in the beginning, thanks to HydroRed I figured out that it is only the glues signature. Red vein stems and all, it's a very beautiful plant for sure! I am currently 23 days into 12/12 on my first run with her, she is under 4000 watts of HPS in 5 gal grow bags and beneath a scrog net.

    Things I have learned about the glue is that she is most definitely a Cal-Mag whore! She is a heavy drinker and feeder compared to the rest of the plants in the room. No matter how much I feed her, usually 3/4 strength every watering which is every 2 days, all she gets is a little burnt leaf tips.. I am pushing her to her max, she is staying vibrant, healthy and green.

    Her buds are stacking great now ad stretch has finally seemed to come to a stall. I dosed Nirvana and True Blooms early on and this significantly reduced my stretch and in turn gave me fuller flower development. Both of those products contain natural PGR's and they obviously work great. I do anywhere from 4 to 5 no of Nirvana every feeding, 1ml of true blooms and then twice a week I foiliar spray them with 1.5 ml of true blooms.

    Honestly, I don't want to jinx it, but I am pretty sure that I have her dialed in on my very first run! Happy to see what is to come of this glue, I know she has been around a while but not here in Kentucky, not in my hometown anyway.. Defintiely brings new fire to the table for sure!

    I have no closeups of her since starting the flowering cycle, but I plan on getting those soon and sharing them. Here is 3/4 of my room... Gg4's are in the very back of the room behind the SD Corey's, Headbangers, 413 Chems and Skunk VA Chem' 91.

    Screenshot_2018-03-06-12-27-35.png Screenshot_2018-03-06-12-27-43.png Screenshot_2018-03-06-12-27-31.png Screenshot_20180304-072216.png Screenshot_20180304-072203.png

    I forgot to add... This is my first time experimenting with scrog as well, reason only back half of room is scrogged and the front isn't. Not only are those plants scrogged, they are LST'd as well. This greatly assisted with the reduction in stretch. Believe me, my main focus was on keeping all plants short as I only have 6ft 3 inch ceilings and that isn't including the lights!... So far so good and I'm not seeing anymore indicators of any plants stretching anymore.
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    Nice setup and with 4000watts I’m sure your girls will love it. Happy growing looking forward to bud shots

    Ps. The ladies are looking healthy AF

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    Thanks Crippy! Yeah they all seem to be staying pretty healthy thus far. I am using Sensi Bloom a&b, open sesame, Cal-Mag, budswell, earth juice catalyst, molasses, true blooms, big bud, nirvana and b52 as of right now. A hell of a list lol and I'm sure most of that they don't even need, but in all honesty it is working great for me so far.

    This is my first time running a 4000 watt grow, first run in my new underground set up as well. Usually I am running 1600 to 1800 watts, so this is all kind of new to me. I am loving my new grow op and I also have a separate veg room and currently have 3 gg4 mothers that reside there. So I'm glad I read the part about taking cuts from the tops of the plants cause I was just getting ready to take some either tonight or tomorrow.

    Will keep updated brother and definitely can't wait to throw down some frosty stanky bud porn! Won't be long;)

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    I looking for a good a&b feed I’ll check out the Sensi one you mentioned
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    Man a lot and I mean A LOT of people down advanced nutrients, mostly due to their marketing techniques and how they pretty much tell you that you literally need their a&b formula along with every other addictive they make which a bunch... Like 12 or so, if I were guessing. You don't need "all" of it. Advanced Nutrients is a great choice, I have tried almost every other brand you can possibly imagine and always fall back to AN in the long run. They may be expensive, but not much more than their competitors really. You can see in my photos just how well advanced works...

    Now I will tell you this... I will list the most important part of their line to run. Definitely get the Sensi Grow and Bloom a&b both... Get the B52, Nirvana, Big Bud, Bud Factor X and Overdrive... These are the best products they make and you could do without the Overdrive I guess if you wanted too. Go with a cheaper "bud igniter", as I did with Fox Farms solubles "Open Sesame". I may get hate thrown at me for recommending them but I do bot care one bit, the proof is in the pudding.

    Some people recommend the Rhino Skin but honestly I don't use any silica products.... I think using Kelp based products such as Seaweed Juice helps a hell of a lot during veg with strong branching and healthy plants. Also another product I highly recommend is a product from Real Growers called Recharge. This shit will give you a full dense root system in a 5 gallon container from a one gallon transplant in a weeks time. It is loaded with benies, micros and aminos... Check it out.

    The only product I really wanted to add to my mix this run that I just couldn't afford was Mammoth P. Next run I am definitely running it, I have heard great things about the Mammoth P. It is pretty much what Recharge is in veg only in flower, assisting with optimal phosphorus uptake. Primordial Solutions True Blooms does the same thing kinda, but much different formula... I recommend it as well and you can't be at the price and also can get a free sample from their website.

    Check out a product from Primordial called "Terp Gerp", I am going to give it a try as well this round. Its neat and I have seen some amazing results on Instagram.
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    Thought I would share IMG_5013.JPG hkgvkghghkghj.jpg a pic of this nice GG4 I harvested today

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    latest glue run

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    She's actually more of a calcium whore. Separate your cal and mag and push the calcium harder in veg and she'll really shine.
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    That's unbelievably Frosty! Reading up on gg cuz I've got my first one hitting 60 days on the 12th, & I see 63 and 70 days recommended to harvest, so I'm going to take the tops at 63 and the Second Harvest at 70 and see if there's a difference (assuming the trikes look ripe enough of course, first run so don't know what to expect?) great info, thanks!
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    it will hermie

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    I've been running it for over two years and not a nanner or ball sack yet. I stressed it out the first cpl times I ran it too. This plant has been bullet proof for me.
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    I've ran her since 2014, never seen her hermi either.
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