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Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by rollitup, Jul 8, 2007.


    rkymtnman Well-Known Member

    that is the beauty of Lucas. no additives needed at all. no cal/mg, no bloom boosters, nothing. i do add Silica because there isn't any in the nutes. and i use dutchmaster zone to keep root rot away.

    here's my nute recipe:

    flora duo A&B, dutchmaster Zone, dynagro Protekt silica.

    GreenThumby Well-Known Member

    Outdoor growing for sure has it's flaws but when done right (and a bit of mother nature luck) can produce great bud

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    Hi folks, long story short, i had a hermie, this is my first grow, im running a homemade tent with a 12/12 perpetual grow, this plant actually had like 5 weeks of veg at 18/6 before the 12/12 now it shares the tent with 3 other small veg plants.

    So anyway its in week 4 of flower and looks awful, i haven't checked the roots yet but the leaves are fully knuckled, looking super skinny in the buds, it is a hermie i removed all the pollen sacks and i has not grown more... i have mainly been watering with ph'd water but gave them a feeding of 10-50-10 two waters ago... i had to remove probably 50% of lower leaves, please don't give me too much shit, she sits under 6 - 25 watt cfls with 2 more around the sides 2700K about 1.5 inches away. Im not sure i can pin point exactly what is wrong, the small plants in the cup are doing totally fine in the same environment.

    Oh and she is in a mix of worm hummus and regular potting soil with lava rocks

    Thanks in advance

    IMG_4079.JPG IMG_4085.JPG IMG_4075.JPG IMG_4081.JPG IMG_4089.JPG


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    Don't have any experience with cfls so not sure if that's the issue but check the run off ph. And definitely make sure roots are heathy. Good luck

    3rdworldgrower Member

    thanks i checked the ph two waterings ago and it was still in the 6.8-7 range, i guess i will check the roots next.
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    Hi everyone

    I got problems again and first time i tried in this house to grow i had same problems. I think now it's maybe about indoor air or something, cannot know for sure.

    * Over week in NFT
    * Custom NFT. Other's have used my systems and make great grow.
    * 300W LED light. About 150W real wattage what I metered. 70-90cm away from plant.
    * 23C air, 22C water, 40% huminity.
    * Modified lucas formula. 1ml micro and 2ml bloom per 1 liter of water. GHE Mineral Magic. This isn't the problem for sure.
    * EC was 0.64 was under week and then got full formula and EC is 1.24. This is what friends use too with my NFT setup and LED's.
    * PH was at start 6.3 and was 1-2 day's about 7 and dropped to 5.8 with ph down. Mixed fertilizer and ph down on 4l water bucket and stopped pump wenh mixed it to tank.
    * Plant is cutting from friend's plant. Cutting was under fluorescent at friend's house and make long and healthy roots before I put it rockwool cube.

    When i put plant to cube and nft system it grows 1cm height everyday. Then grow slowed quick. I had another projects at same room (second living room another floor).
    In previous project i had 2 indoor air purifier systems but same problems. Everything in system is like at my friend's system but only i got problems. I had quality seeds on another try but plant's died like in 2 weeks.
    I moved today cube from nft to kitchen where I normally let roots grow. Cube is on top of mug where is only tap water. Cube got some fertilizer from NFT. Tinfoil is now covering cube every side but not from botton.
    I had long time ago projects at another house and they was fine. Can normal house have so bad indoor air that kill plants?

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    Hey idk if this is the right spot but I had actually posted a thread under the wrong header and wonder if theres a way to get in contact with a admin to have it moved or what my best option is? Nor am I trying to hijack this thread by any means, just was looking for some advice on first grow posted under Newbie Central or whatever rather then plant problems.

    Here's the link in case in admin can move it:

    Still new to the site and just trying to figure out how to navigate it properly. As always and advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    on the main page youll see staff members contact one of them.
    we typically would not see this, but i make a purpose to check this thread.
    youll get more answers in newbie central than plant problems so im gunna leave your thread there.

    tntgreen13 Well-Known Member

    Thank you that is great information for future use! Thanks so much!

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    Hello, based on the information that you have provided I would like to offer some suggestions to improve the overall health of your clone.
    • First always maintain your PH level when growing in a hydro setup or rock-wool you should maintain aim for around 5.7ph. This will give you .2 ph to drift up or down and still be in the acceptable range of 5.5 - 6.0.
    • Next being that the clone is indeed sitting in water and or rock-wool you should use a reduced concentration of nutrients. As there is no actual medium to offer a buffer, the clone has immediate access to the nutrients. Which makes it extremely easy to over feed.
    • If you are not planning to aerate your solution, you should aim to change the reservoir every day, using a diluted formula. This should be enough aeration to provide oxygen to those little roots. If you do indeed choose to change the solution daily, you should run the new solution over your rock-wool and the root ball to help flush away any built up salts and refresh the ph/roots in that area. Your clone was growing roots inside of that rock-wool, however you are now forcing the clone to rely on the two tap roots that are submerged in your cup. Which could cause your previous roots to dry up instead of expanding downward. Assuming you only change the cup out and do not flush the rock-wool.
    • Being that once again you have roots submerged in water you should cover the cup to prevent the onset of root rot by allowing light to reach the roots.
    • You could try to create a dome to envelop your clone, this along with foliar feeding should help raise the humidity and allow your lady to feed through her stomata's.
    • Raise your lights, your clone was under florescent prior to this, so the increase of light may stunt your clones growth. If the light is too close or is providing too much heat, this will cause your clone to transpire more, if your nutrient solution is strong and your lady drinks a bit of water to cool off. Eventually your EC will rise as the water table diminishes and your solution beings to concentrate.
    • Lastly a little cal-mag could not hurt, when growing under led's and using reverse osmosis water calcium and magnesium deficiencies could be a problem. I would reduce your base nutrient solution by a few ml and add cal-mag to compensate. So if your base nutrient was say 3ml per gallon and you wanted to add say .5 ml of cal-mag. Instead of adding the cal-mag on top of your base nutrient, just reduce your base nutrient to 2.5 ml. This way you maintain 3ml over all, also it helps prevent an overload of nitrogen.
    If I had to give a guess as to what is immediately wrong with your lady I would say, PH problem's, Supplement a bit of Cal Mag and reduce the strength of your nutrients to prevent concentration.
    I hope this help.

    Cloud_chaser36 Member

    Hey guys what is this i had a mite problem so I thought that maybe those marks were from them but I've eradicated them and the rest of my garden looks great but these spots are slowly moving their way up the strain is vanilla kush indoors grown in pro mix and Perlite i feed her every 2-4 days depending on the media moisture right now I feed her connoisseur a+b grow jungle juice micro and plant success twice in a row then she gets nothing but a dash of cal mag the third time around and repeat she's under a 400 watt mh by herself

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    mark rubino

    mark rubino Member

    Hi guys,

    So before I go making more problems for myself by doing unnecessary things I wanted to see if anyone had any input on what's going on here.

    Stain: Bubba Kush

    DTW 4x8 tray 24 plants in 6x6 rockwool under 2 630w CMH's.

    R/O water

    Temps 73-74F 55-58%

    I'm currently on week 3 flower and am getting some sort of burn, now this had been happening since I flipped my lights but now it seems to be getting worse.

    Initially I thought it had maybe been calcium and slowly upped it to 5ml/gal( was feeding 2.5ml since I plugged them). It's been about 3-5 days at 5ml and haven't seen improvement. Instead I'm starting to see some clawing (too much N most likely from the calmag and Micro feed)on the newer growth.

    Currently feeding AN jungle juice 3 part

    4ml/gal Micro
    1ml/gal grow
    5ml/gal bloom
    5ml/gal calmag
    2.5ml/gal diamond nectar
    2ml/gal liquid koolbloom
    10ml/gal terpinator
    5.8 PH
    950-1000ppms total

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    drtricomb Active Member

    How big are you plants and what kind of container are they in/ what growing medium are you using

    eexe Active Member

    Hey guys. It's been more than a month since the start and I've been having some insignificant, but puzzling issues: there have been appearing some "dead" spots on leaves with slight yellowing, more prevalent on my slightly older plant, although the conditions appeared to be normal. Today the cause seems to have presented itself as I saw a tiny bug flying around the chamber. I went and bought those yellow sticky pieces and the result was instant. Now to make sure: is this a fungus gnat?

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    The-Budster Well-Known Member

    Yeah I would say that is 100% a Fungus Gnat.

    I use Diatomaceous earth as a preventative and sort of killer to any Gnats that happen to fly into the earth. It apparently is very coarse and harsh for the flys at a sort of microscopical level. It is meant to cut then pull moisture from their bodies, in turn killing them.

    I have had some success with this but you need to keep on top of placing new diatomaceous earth on your soil to ensure protection.

    I would say your problems (if all major factors including light, feed , heat , water and pots are all good) is very likely the Gnats. They lay larvae which in turn feeds off your roots. Which stresses the plant and results in browning leaves.

    Laurie_keets Member

    Hi, I was wondering if I could get some help. I have these plants. Both the same strain from the same plant. One on left is pale greeny yellow and the right is nice and healthy green. There aren't any brown spots or burnt edges. I'm growing them out doors in 32cm pots (3/4 gallon) in soil. Using cannaterra professional. I checked run off last week and was around 6.5/7.0, I water once a week and fed in the mornings roughly 5 litres each. They are still in veg but are showing the first sign of sex. I have 6 and they are all ladies. 3 are the nice healthy green and the other there're that yellowy pale green. They are meant to be white widow. They are roughly 12 weeks old. The only marks/ blemishes on leaves is pest damage. I use neem for the pests the main. Stem on the paler plant is a nice healthy green.
    The temperature over the last couple of weeks has varied between 24-35 degrees Celsius. The get fed seasol once every 3 weeks, a weaker solution. I gave them some trace elements last water.

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    STX.OrganicGuerilla Active Member

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    cindy nightshade

    cindy nightshade New Member

    Can someone please tell me what is wrong with my plant
    I'm using a 1200 watt led light
    Watering every other day
    Indoor grow
    Using canna professional soil
    Just coming up to 6 weeks of flowering
    She's white widow

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    Laurie_keets Member

    More pics. The close ups have flash.i can't tell if it's getting better or not.

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    Javadog Well-Known Member

    Laurie, I am really hoping to learn from better plant doctors, to learn, but
    I wanted to add that your yellowing does seem to be all over. Hunger seems
    to yellow from the bottom up....

    The plant is not burning or curling so N poisoning does not seem likely.

    Not sure. How heavy is it?

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