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    Probably been asked before but is their any thing around the house that is safe and proven to raise ph im currently using Dutch pro in hard water i want to up my ppm but the more i put in the lower the ph goes thanks ..

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    Hard wood ashes and ground egg shells. Both are strong alkaline. The ashes contain potassium carbonate(potash). It's water soluble. One of the same ingredients as PH up. It'll reach the very bottom of the pot. Two tablespoons of ash to a gallon will raise the soil ph level about two points in a two gallon pot. Maintenance of the ph, add a teaspoon per gallon when watering.

    Egg shells will ph the water but the calcium isn't water soluble. The first couple of inches of soil will filter the egg shell dust out. It's better mixed into the soil to correct soil ph. But it can be used to adjust the water ph. The solution can't be stored more then a day or it smell....really bad. Store egg shells dry.
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    kaivorth Active Member

    Baking soda will raise it. Wouldn't use it everyday, but in a pinch.

    Silicon Blast will raise it too.
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    Would you say egg shell works to raise ph as well as garden lime?

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