R.I. patient staying in Burlington Vermont oct. 13 2011

Discussion in 'Vermont Patients' started by Tamorin, Oct 4, 2011.


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    Anyone have the inside scoop on cheap accomadations in the city. If you know a realtor who has a condo for rent maybe wants to make a quick buck. My family is staying in the hilton for a wedding reception and I cant afford 230 for a bed to sleep on for 6 hours lol. Anyone know someone please let me know.

    Tamorin Active Member

    But on a good note I was unaware of how awesome, your town is!! Being a craft beer drinker I look toward.to magic hat and all the others. I'll be bringing a couple of amazing strains with me so if anyone up that way permeates know. I don't know how your community is up there but in r.I. were forced to work/help each other and that's all I know now. Our govenor is acting. Like a douche , which in turn united us.and set a fire.under everyone's ass's. I've been pushing the 200 a ounce for patient / caregivers but its hard for some.with small grows. also been doing my part for.less.carbon foot print do to.the fact during the summer I had a 8260 kwh electricity consumption, with that being said.I'm gonna set up a 8-10 panel solar power system on my house in the spring. Anyways wish all my women and brother patients the best.

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    Burlington was great big props to the Magic hat brewary, Vermont brewary, and Ben and jerry's. Besides the buissness's everyone was nice and friendly. The weather was perfect and I loved that amazing bakery around the corner from big fattys bbq.
    R.C. COLA

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    Happy to hear you enjoyed little B-town. Got to love Vermont Brew, and the lovley green mountian. Wis I would of seen that you needed a place could of helped agange something for you. If you ever come back and want a tour guide let me know

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    ya, Vermont is beautifull.

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