Quick. Simple. Stoner Recipies.

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    kor420 Well-Known Member

    Post your quick recipes.


    Pack of Hot dog buns.
    Pizza Sauce

    Pre-heat your oven on 450 degrees while you take the hot dog buns and separate them in two halves, then put them in a oven safe pan.

    Put your Sauce, Cheese (pile it on) and Pepperoni on both halves of the hot dog buns and place them in the oven. Cook until the cheese is completely melted then remove from the oven and eat.

    Skuxx Well-Known Member

    Oven? That's not quick

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    kor420 Well-Known Member

    An oven is quick. I use my conventional oven 99% more than my microwave, well because the taste difference from a microwave and oven is like night a day for some reason (for me at least).. You can use a microwave, but i prefer to use my conventional oven

    By the time you get your Hotdizzles (not hotzzia) ready, the oven is already preheated and ready to go. Only thing your doing is allowing the cheese to melt...

    mouse1818 Well-Known Member

    Lazy sugar waffle split

    1. let Eggo blueberry waffle defrost while you smoke and place a Hershey's bar in your pocket
    2. fill up each hole of waffle full of sugar
    3. spread melted butter on waffle
    4. Add melted Hershey's bar from your pocket to waffle. The texture of the Hershey's should be like a fine dog shit.
    5. place half a banana on top of the melted Hershey's
    6. Sugar waffle Is ready to be eaten
    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member


    1. Render chopped bacon in pan with a crushed garlic clove. Remove garlic, keep bacon and grease hot.
    2. Cook pasta till aldente and at same time warm a large bowl, add eggs, parmesan and seasoning, beat with fork.
    3. Add drained pasta and hot bacon and grease into egg mix, mix, serve.
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