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Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by Project Ponics, Aug 12, 2018.

    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Couple quick questions. Would like to know the answers for both growing in coco and soil as I am growing two of the same strain autos, one in coco in 2gal pot and the other in happy frog soil in 3gal pot.

    1. What should I target my pH levels at?

    Soil I’ve always just got it inbetween 6.2-6.4 and that seems to be going good. But how about coco? I know they say between 5.5-6.5 but I was told to always pH at 6.5. For both soil and coco? Is there a “sweet spot”? I notice when I pH at let’s say 6.2 when feeding in coco, when I pH the waste it’s around 5.5-5.8? But the ppm is correct as it should be when I check it. Is that normal for it to drop a couple digits after running through the medium? I don’t even check the waste from my soil plants of course, unless I find a problem or reason to check the pH.

    2. What should my feed schedule be, or recommended?

    Soil I usually always do feed, feed, water.

    But switching to MC I was told to feed every watering? So I have not gave either plant a plain pH watering since the first feeding, up until two days ago they got their first plain watering. I have been giving both plants full nutrients every watering which has been every two days, they seem to drink up fast! Yes, I’ve even been feeding the coco plant the same way/time as the soil. Not the right way to feed when growing in coco I just figured out lol. But hey, both plants looks amazing so it worked out.

    3. I was told to feed the coco plant 2-3 times a day? 2 cups/16oz of nutrient water. Is that how plants In coco are suppose to be fed I’m guessing?

    Even though I may have been feeding the plant growing coco wrong, she turned out just fine!

    Picture of both plants.
    Left - Coco 2gal pot
    Right - Happy frog soil 3gal pot

    ***Both plants are 32-34” tall and have been growing under a single 300w (136w pull) viparspectra led***
    Pretty impressive veg growth/flower stretch on both of these girls for being under a single cheap 136w blurple and using nothing but MC. They are both about 3 weeks into flower, going under a 300w strip led this week!

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    JAMO_Grow Well-Known Member

    You have done a great job,this is clear by how your plants are looking in the images presented.I primarily use coco (a 50/50 mix with perlite), the PH of the water I tend to go with is 5.8-6.2 .My feeding schedule tends to be once every day to 2 days, but I generally stick to a lighter feeding (water soluble nutrients) and water from indicators such as the dryness of the coco (measure with my thumb to see it if the top inch is still damp).I don't use a very structured schedule, focusing on flexibility that caters to the individual plants needs in the grow.However with my EC I generally keep it at 1.3 through the vegetative phase and when (before switch I flush) I switch to flower the first week I raise the EC to 1.4-1.5 then continue every week to raise it by 0.2 EC till week 6 where I start the flush, then proceed to harvest later on when the trichomes are milky.

    Hope this helps and Happy growing.
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    Lordhooha Well-Known Member

    For soil I never ph my feed it’s pointless if it’s good soil. For coco and any hydro I keep it at 6.2 and let it drift. With mega crop I’ve never had to feed over 800 ppm the entire grow and slowly taper off towards the end of flower to about 200ppm until the chop.
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy! I was not really concerned considering my plants look just fine! But everyone says to pH and feed/water differently so I thought I would try to get a few more opinions. But no one really is posting lol. So I appreciate that.

    Understandable because usually when I pH after mixing in my MC it's pretty stable between 5.8 on the low end when feeding around max dosage at 5 or so grams. Even less dosage it's usually around 6.0-6.4 from my experience so far. I still like to pH what's going in either way.

    I'm just going to keep rolling with what I've been doing with my soil plant keeping the pH around 6.2 to 6.5 with the same feeding schedule

    The only thing I'm changing up is adding Bud Explosion when it comes in the mail in the next few days. And then instead of watering the coco plant like I have been with the soil, I'm going to feed it daily giving it 16oz feedings 2-3 times a day vs dumping a gallon into it every 2 days.

    upnsmoke13 Well-Known Member

    Very nice plants!!
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    Project Ponics

    Project Ponics Well-Known Member

    Thanks buddy! They’re doing great! Minus s phosphorus problem but that should be getting fixed now that I added a PK boost! Pics from yesterday. The purple is really setting in! Couple more weeks and these plants are going to be beautifully bloomin!

    4476BB31-2984-4EDE-9CDF-53CF0A782E20.jpeg 8ABC2263-99DE-4A22-B93B-2D073B40ABE1.jpeg 7C163352-3283-4792-B3AD-BB4B7620F6C5.jpeg

    3 gal soil plant

    2 gal coco plant

    MATTYMATT726 Well-Known Member

    There is no must for coco. Yes to achive a hydro system effect with tons of oxygen to roots you can feed many small times a day but its not the only way coco works. I ph my coco to 6.0(after i run the tap and add cal mag, GH Micro and Bloom its automatically at 6.0) and i keep my autopots fed via a rez on bottom so they feed when they want but also have done Hempy and hand water 1 time a day. The only thing for coco is never a clean out flush but every watering(feed from day 1 she sprouts and feed every watering) you need to let 10-20% water come out of the bottom to push out salt buildup. Thats it. Very easy and rewarding coco is.

    upnsmoke13 Well-Known Member

    What genetics are they?

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