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  1. So I'm about done with flowering my plants, I have one more feed, then my pre harvest feed and flush.. I have one plant though that has been putting a bit different growth out of the top buds than the others and now it's starting to worry me that it will not only affect the quality of the one plant but the rest in the room,, there are many factors I've considered, the room is small and I have plenty of different lights on them ranging from fluorescents to mainly Leds and my hps so it could be that it's getting a different amount and type of light compared to the others but what I mainly think is that either this plant has been getting a light leak and started minorly revegging or is turning hermie due to some sort of stress, lower buds look normal but the top ones on this plant are the ones showing weird growth, I'll put some pictures down so you guys can have better comparison, the first two will be of the problem plant and the second two of a normal top flower from another plant, any help diagnosing would be appreciated, just wanting to know if it's turning hermie because I'm gonna want to pull it before it fucks the rest... sorry bout the hps light in the picture

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    growin-Jables Well-Known Member

    Have any light leaking in your tent? Double check your timer and make sure it didn't accidentally get switched . Almost looks like it is trying to re veg. That's how my monster cropped clones look. I clone in flower with a bud on the top of stalk. And re veg them and they begin to grow leaves out of the buds once it roots

    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    Whats the temp. Over that plant? Looks like it could be foxtailing.
  4. Ya some of the buds are foxtailing due to high temps, in the process of getting an air cooler for next grow, and yeah I accidentally left the door cracked one night and it's the plant closest to the crack that is showing weird growth so I figure it must be revegging :/,, should I harvest now or wait to cut down with the rest of the plants?

    stoned-monkey Well-Known Member

    If it is in the harvest window chopping would be safest way. But if you keep a very close eye you can catch any balls or bananas before pollenating, plus seeds take awhile to form and mature.
    If it were me i would check it for male parts and leave it, or cut just the affected bud/branch.

    Or its just foxtailing and will be fine.
  6. I am worried because I do things I see bananas on top buds, but it also looks like revegged leaf that has curled up ,, like I said the bottom buds look fine and have new pistils as well no revegging leaves, but I'm scared if they are bananas it will affect the rest of my crop I can get a closer picture up here in a few,, there are about a week and a half from harvest, how long till sacs mature enough to pollinate other plants on average?

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