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    I went to Boston a few years ago. Not sure if they have legal weed or not. But the first day I was there I realized a lot of people smoked or vaped on the street so I was able to walk up to complete strangers and toke. No one cared. So when I got back home in the Bible Belt and would go out a night in the city I smoked on the street also. Just not as casual. No one cared
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    Not every dispensary in CA sells bullshit exclusively. Just most. You know it's legal to grow. Everyone gots pot to sell, bad growers just don't have clientele lined up yet. Good growers had clientele from before it was legal and aren't advertising much lol.

    Someone said bad dispos don't last in Colorado. Lol. Lol. House of Dankness should be the best example of how one man's trash is another mans treasure. Cant get any better than Rare Dankness themselves, right Colorado? Pretty sad customers grow better weed than the breeder.
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    In my experiences no retail outlet in any state sells excellent weed. Colorado, Washington, Oregon and now Alaska for my basis. It's better than junk but not worth the asking price .
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